Mintzlaff announces contract extension with Halstenberg

RB Leipzig's CEO Oliver Mintzlaff announced the contract extension with national player Marcel Halstenberg at the celebrations for the cup victory. When entering the city's Golden Book, Mintzlaff said: "We will not let you off the farm and hope that you will continue to go this fantastic path with RB Leipzig in the coming year. You have a large part in this success," said Mintzlaff. Halstenberg, who had seen the red card in the cup final against SC Freiburg in the 57th minute because of an emergency brake, was hardly used in the season that has now expired due to a lengthy injury. His contract at RB expires on June 30th. A year ago, the signs were on separation, since Halstenberg did not want to sign the paper presented in this form.

Kerbal Space Program 2 receives another delay

_ Kerbal Space Program 2_ was scheduled to launch in 2022, but the developer Intercept Games and the Private Division editor have announced that the game will now arrive at the beginning of 2023 for PC, with the versions of PlayStation and Xbox a little later. The news is likely to be a disappointment for many fans of the first game. However, in a video announcing the delay the creative director Nate Simpson says that the team "has set a very high quality bar", and extra time will help fulfill those high aspirations. «We have set the internal objective of creating an experience that is both original and impressive. And as I mentioned before, we have increased our team with the developers of the original.Kerbal_ Space Program and together, we are creating something we are all very, very proud, ”said Simpson. "I cannot express how much it means to us as a team that we have the support of a community that recognizes the importance of creating some high quality, even if

Cyberweek: 2 of the most effective gaming

The cyberweek at Alternative is in complete swing. Given that the other day, a great deal of items from the PC-Audio area have actually additionally been reduced. All offers only use while stocks last, the campaign ends on May 27 . The brand-new gadgets additionally include 2 of the most effective gaming headsets for PC , PS5 and Xbox . More on this, below you come straight to the summary: 2 of the best gaming headsets for PC, xbox as well as ps5 Epos Sennheiser Game One/ Game Absolutely No Extra offers To the cyberweek at Alternate 2 of the best gaming headsets for PC, xbox as well as ps5 When you put on an excellent gaming headset , you often only discover how essential good noise is for gaming. All of a sudden you hear subtleties and also details that can not be regarded by the audio speakers of the TV or your computer. Especially with Multiplayer shooters , great noise can even offer an affordable benefit if you hear your opponents before you can see them. 2 of

VRCHAT Furries achieves new gear fishing levels

The President of the United States recently held a press conference at the Four Seasons Totescaping in Philadelphia and the landscaping company has already been immortalized in Vrchat. Led by YouTuber and the virtual reality enthusiast Coopertom, who recreated the bizarre decor of the Trump press conference, the furies invaded the VRCHAT version of Four Seasons Totescaping to meet and meet. VRCHAT is available now for Oculus and PC devices. VRCHAT was created with the intention that players create and share their own social virtual worlds, and Coopertom has propelled lagging fishing at a new level with the creation of its Four Seasons Totescaping decor. Since his publication, he has published the Trump press conference panels to read "Dump" instead of "Trump". The landscaping company apparently took approximately five hours in Coopertom to create in Vrchat, and it pays great attention to detail. While the furies were among the first people to congratulate Cooper

Fanfest 2022 - CCP invests in the Lore of Eve Online and deepens his universe

CCP Games provides a lot of background work on the depth of the game. The introduction of narrative arcs, combined with the return of extensions - last quarter 20222 - for general content and other added additions will bring a big batch of context to the universe. Obviously, the studio cannot reveal too many aspects of these upcoming arches. The idea is really that the player wonders "But what's going on? "And that he is drowned in a universe which exceeds him, as a person, but who will be able to unite the players around a common goal. Events will take proportions that will turn up the microcosm of the universe of Eve online . To expand this Lore, we can also see many cutscenes, which introduce characters, more and more important and important, but also places, planets, stations. All this will probably never be introduced into play but it gives context and depth to the universe. The players will be central in this evolution. The achievements, the events, the re

Nintendo Switch purchase will probably remain a problem until 2023

If you want to buy a new Nintendo Switch, you must expect that this will not be easier, but rather more difficult in the coming months. Nintendo has now corrected his own expectations and forecasts for the current financial year. Delivery difficulties, chip shortages, war and coronavirus continue to ensure continuing console slang. Nintendo wants to "only" produce 20 million Switch consoles this financial year Forecasts corrected: The current financial year will last until the end of March 2023. It will probably be a little more difficult to get a Nintendo Switch. At least Nintendo already expects to have fewer consoles produced during this period than was actually intended (via: Nikkei). 20 million sound a lot , but of course it always depends on what such numbers are compared. For example, 29 million Switch consoles were produced in the financial year 2020, which is 30 percent more. Compared to 2021, the 20 million would be about 10 % less. In addition, of course

The best skins of ships in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, players have no shortage of self -expression. One of the most famous ways to do this is to create an amazing and attractive set of ships. SHIPE sets cover almost all aspects of the ship. From painting to sail, from the helm to the nose figure, almost every part of the ship can be configured for yourself. first -class sets of SEA of Thieves ships 3. Set "Rubin spray" 2. Set of ships Lodestar 1. Set "Frozen Horizon" But what makes the skin magnificent? This is largely reduced to personal preferences, since no skin has advantages over another. For those who want the brightest and most detailed skins, there is a chance that you will lay out some real currency, since many game skins simply do not go into any comparison. Given what has been said, let's plunge into our three leaders. first -class sets of SEA of Thieves ships 3. Set "Rubin spray" The Ruby Splashtail set includes one of the best parts of any game: mini-game about fishin