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Halo Infinite is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries and released by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Collection X and also Collection S. The 6th main entrance of the Halo series and the sixteenth Halo game on the whole, it continues the story of the Master Chief, following Halo 5: Guardians (2015 ). Unlike previous installations in the series, the multiplayer section of the game will be free-to-play. Infinite was prepared to be launched as a launch title with the Xbox Collection X/S on November 10, 2020, but was postponed in August 2020. It is currently intended for launch on December 8, 2021.

The well-known Youtuber and shooter expert Skillup has looked exactly the multiplayer Vonhalo Infinite during the PlayTest and describe his impressions. These fall very, very, very good and he calls 3 big reasons for it.

Who is that? Skillup is a youtuber and game critic. Currently, he mainly makes reviews and previews on all sorts of games.

He has no certain preference and of AAA to relatively unknown indie games are pretty much all categories represented. His reviews are usually very balanced and detailed, go into detail. Hardly any of his videos is less than 30 minutes.

Once a week, he also releases a news video about current events in the industry. He also applies as a shooter expert. So he started his YouTube career especially with guide videos to The Division 1, he has been playing for years Destiny and has already played and analyzed numerous other shooters.

Which play test is it? At the beginning of October, a playtest took place to the Multiplayer by Halo Infinite, where skillup also participated. In a detailed video he then described his experiences during this test.

What he had to say and why Halo Infinite could be really good in his opinion, we summarize from Meinmmo here for you.

That feels like an authentic halo

Initially, Skillup says: Halo Infinite plays crisp, the balance is right and it s good designed. Developers 343 Industries have threaded the needle and introduced balanced innovations without leaving too far from former halo games.

So 343 with some changes and new features such as the gadgets or the sprintlide have received a great risk of destroying the halo feeling and ensuring that infinites like Destiny 2, titanium case, cod warzone or even worse: Overwatch could feel. But that s not the case in his opinion.

How to evaluate the playtest: You realize the Youtuber that he is quite excited. Above all, three aspects have convinced him:

Map design Balance Gameplay

Maps provide variety and are balanced

He says to the map design of Halo Infinite: This is one of the most important parts of an arena shooter for him. When a shooter messes up the map design, he could manage all other areas as well as he wants. It is and trap everything with the cards.

The cards available in the playtest is called impressive. Everyone has their individual style and a good mix of narrow areas and open areas. Each point of a map would support a certain game style, even the placement of the removable weapons is adapted to the map.

For example, you will find the fight gun at one point, just before you enter a highly located and open area. The weapon is ideal for this position, since fights are now announced here. Such things are on each map and would ensure variety.

He himself could not make up a job that was unbalanced or had an unfair advantage. What we are at the next point: Balance.

Fair balance in all areas, only small smears at shotgun

He says to the balance: Overall, Skillup praises the balance of Halo Infinite in several areas. The maps are fairly built and the distribution of the removable weapons is also balanced. The individual game modes would also work.

Conquest points are fairly distributed, Capture the flag even work outstanding. Each mode is therefore well balanced well and tuned to the respective MAP.

The weapon balance was very well done, but there would be smears. So the shotgun and the new Heatwave weapon be significantly too weak. Skillup suspects that 343 Industries wanted to prevent a shotgun meta here, as you exist in other shooters like Destiny 2.

But you have been over the game. Apart from that, Halo Infinite is consistently fair, it had never felt like that had caused defeats by other things than the simple failure of the team.

Perfect mix of Halo typical gameplay and new features

He says to the gameplay: First he highlights the gunplay that chandle great. Change weapons, reload, rebound, hit feedback - all these things would hit Halo Infinite exactly to the point.

Even a major criticism of Halo 5 was released apparently: the targets using the rear sight and grain or ADS (Aim Down Sight). What is standard in other shooters, has been consistently ignored offshoots Halo in earlier. Halo 5 tried to install it, it was but a lot of criticism.

Halo Infinite has now found a compromise for ADS. You still do not go completely through Kimme-und Grain, but at least a little zoom in. So this is a kind of middle ground, which is called skillup as a perfect solution.

Other aspects such as the sprint or slipping during sprints were weakened compared to Halo 5. They are still practical, but not as supervised. As a result, the gameplay still feels like a classic halo, which was modernized in the right places.

The new gadgets like the gripping hook are meaningful and not too powerful.

What are gadgets? You can pick up a gadget in a game and use in combat. For example, there is the gripping hook with which you can either use goals (walls and opponents), or even items like weapons and grenades can draw to you.

There is also a tactical shield you can place in front of you, camouflage or a super sign. Some of these gadgets are likely to know veterans from former halo games.

Thanks to the Coldown, gadgets like the gripping hook would not feel too powerful and skillup sees them as a meaningful extension for the fight.

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There are still stumbling blocks? The mention of the Youtuber directly at the beginning of his video. So the playtest showed only a part of the actual game.

It was not yet all game modes included. Not yet all weapons and customization items. You do not know in detail how the monetization is installed in the game. In addition, even some problems can occur for the launch, such as the servers. Performance on the PC is also expandable

Halo 5 Is The Worst Halo Campaign

Nevertheless, Skillup is very optimistic about the start of Halo Infinite. Technically, he already played much worse betas.

In contrast to some other content creators like Dr Disrespect, he also does not believe that Halo Infinite without Battle-Royale mode is dead after a few months. (via

You can watch your video in full length here:

When is the release? Halo Infinite appears on December 8 for PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The multiplayer will be published for free, while the campaign comes into the trade as a full price title.

Of course, the owner of the Xbox Game Pass can also play these directly to the start.

What do you think? Does your Halo Infinite already already play? Do you share the opinion of the Youtuber?


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