December 9 Release Visual Release of Campaign Mode You can also check new elements such as Halo Infinite upgrade

Sword Art Online (Jap. ソ ソ ア ア ア ア ア ア, Sōdo āto Onrain) is a Light Novel series of Reki Kawahara, which was also adapted as manga and anime. In German, the series was broadcast in pay TV on Animax and in Free-TV since February 27, 2018 on ProSieben (Episode 1-6) or ProSieben MAXX (Episode 7). As well as the parallel work of the author, Accel World, Plays Sword Art Online in a future in which it is widely used to achieve full immersion in virtual realities through direct stimulation of the central nervous system and provides the adventures of a group of teenagers in these Virtual realities are.

The Xbox Game Studios has published a campaign mode play video in the SCI-Fi FPS Series Latest Halo Infinite scheduled to be released by 343 Industries.

Although Halo Infinite has not been numbered, a series sequel to which events after HALO 5 are drawn.

This time, after one year from the game play video of July 2020, which was developed by the division, it has been scattered, such as an upgrade and map search, and AI called Weapon The video of the campaign mode that can also check the battle scene of Campaign.

The campaign of this work is that the largest master chief adventure of the series history is drawn on the stage of the large open environment. As a point of attention, the campaign CO-OP, which is one of the best features of this series, is unfortunately released at the beginning. Three months after the release (Forge is 6 months later) is scheduled to be implemented.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to release campaign mode for PC (Steam / Microsoft Store) / Xbox Series x | S / Xbox One, 7,590 yen on Microsoft Store. It also supports Xbox Game Pass from the first day of release. Multiplayer mode will be released as a basic play free service.


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