Halo Infinite: Beauty Cure for Master Chief - Campaigns

The last year s Gameplay Reveal from Halo: Infinite ran less to plan. Developers 343 Industries had to have had some criticism just because of the graphics: the unnatural lighting, the defective degree of detail and the funny style of the Sci-Fi Shooter were not good at fans.

Soon first memes ghosted about the terrible opponent design through the net (keyword: Craig the brute), who eventually forced the people to act.

The release of Halo: Infinite was postponed by one year. Instead of launching the Xbox Series X, the new adventure of the Iconic Master Chief should now be published on 8 December 2021.

Is there a coop mode in Halo: Infinite?

A date that is getting closer to ever closer. Reason enough for the makers to take the public again with fresh info. In a new trailer we got to see what 343 Industries has worked the past months. After the focus last more on the Free2Play multiplayer, which could even be played in several alpha tests, have finally revealed more details about the campaign.

The Evolution of Halo Games (2001-2020)

War Chief Escherum is one of the antagonists in Halo: Infinite. Source: 343 Industries as already known, take Halo: Infinite (Buy Now) on the Zeta Halo , a ring of the naming, in space-floating super weapon to fight for the survival of humanity. In doing so, some old acquaintances are running in front of the shotgun, for example the Banished under the guided tour of War Chief Escharum.

But there will also be various new dangers, the developers betrayed. In the new trailer you get about the flying skimmer or a Spartan killer Names Jega Rdomnai.

Also interesting: These are the system requirements of Halo: Infinite

Also new is the info, which is exactly her on the Zeta Halo at all, namely a new Ki companion with the code name The Weapon . With the together you go to the search for your former Sidekick Cortana. The provided in Halo 5: Guardians for proper trouble, their whereabouts after the end of the story is still a bit in the dark.

Was the graphics of Halo Infinite improved?

Halo: Infinite should be the biggest game of the series and more playful freedom than ever offer. This also includes that you explore a kind of Open World with Spartan 117 - peppered with all sorts of missions. This reminiscents in the trailer almost a little bit of Far Cry: About a huge tactical card, your activities choose, for example an enemy outpost or a group of collection items.

Then you rest with your vehicles to your destination and makes it the same spectacular the ground. Exciting: Wasp, Mongoose and Warthog can now even be requested by airdrop. In addition, your motion repertoire is also expanded on foot. With the throok and thrust nozzles, it is much faster. Especially if you make the equipment in the menu with upgrades.

Speaking upgrade: Also on the graphics, the makers have worked visibly again. Compared to the last gameplay trailer, the look of Halo: Infinite reacts again something natural and fine-cut. An absolute graphics fireworks seem to be the Slipspace Engine but still not to conjure the screen.

When does Halo Infinite appear?

Whether this is actually true, we can do a picture in just under a month, namely on December 8, 2021. Then Halo: Infinite for the PC as well as Xbox Series S and X. We also the ego shooter from the first Day in the Game Pass.

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