Halo Infinite will present today his campaign with new gameplay: hour and how to see him live

More than a year and a half later, it is time to revisit the Infinite Halo campaign. 343 Industries hXbox Game confirmed that today, Monday 25 October 2021 , is the day chosen for a new digital presentation centered on one of the most important ways of emblem Xbox series, the mode Bell . Kinematic after July 2020 and the controversial footage that led to the delay of the title a year, on Monday desktop we can whet your appetite.

Halo Infinite shows his campaign this October 25: how to see it live

Infinite Halo campaign will be presented at the hands of 343 Industries this Monday, October 25 at 15:00 (CEST) ; we can follow it live on the official Youtube channel of Halo. The OutcXbox Gamets have defeated the forces of the UNSC and have taken control of the mysterious Halo Zeta, threatening the survival of humanity. When all hope is lost and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, MXbox Gameter Chief returns to face more ruthless enemy who ever faced reads the description of the video. Describe this experience Xbox Game the most open of the series to date.

Prepare to Battle Against the Banished.


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  • Halo (@Halo) October 25, 2021

They were not disclosed details of the duration of this presentation, but we know it will be an overview of the campaign before its anticipated releXbox Gamee this December. We know that this campaign is situated just three years after the Halo 5: Guardians and will, consequently, also continue the arc that began in Halo 4. No longer Halo 6, but the American study and explained why he will not be called in this way.

Halo Infinite opens on December 8 Series Xbox, Xbox One and PC

From 343 Industries define the multiplayer mode of this releXbox Gamee Xbox Game a celebration of Halo, but we can say that the cooperative mode and Forge mode will be absent from the game at launch; They will arrive later, particularly in seXbox Gameon 2 for cooperative and SeXbox Gameon 3 for Forge mode.

Halo Infinite will be available worldwide for Xbox Series X | S , Xbox One PC and this December 8 202 1 . I can play through Xbox Game PXbox Games from day one and online multiplayer totally free under a model-to- FREE play business; without loot boxes. It is possible prefetching the game on Xbox Game PXbox Games, although there are nuances.

What time is the presentation of Halo Infinite worldwide?

Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): at 15:00 Spain (Canary Islands): at 14:00 Argentina: at 10:00 am

Halo Infinite - Campaign Overview Trailer Graphics Comparison Bolivia: 09:00 hours Brazil: at 10:00 am Chile: at 09:00 am Colombia: at 08:00 am Costa Rica: at 07:00 Cuba: at 09:00 am Ecuador: at 08:00 hours El Salvador: at 07:00 United States (WXbox Gamehington D.C.) at 09:00 am Guatemala: at 07:00 HondurXbox Game: at 07:00 Mexico: at 08:00 hours Nicaragua: at 07:00 Panama: at 08:00 am Paraguay: at 09:00 am Peru: at 08:00 am Puerto Rico: at 09:00 am Dominican Republic: at 09:00 am Uruguay: at 10:00 am Venezuela: at 09:00 am United States (PT) at 06:00 hours


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