The Ridiculous Gang Beast party game is now available on Switch

The Ridiculous Gang Beasts board game is now available on Nintendo Switch, so you can catch and throw your friends on the move. It s a fun game and can be chaotic depending on how you and your friends play. Personally, I think it s more fun when you try to play with your friends.

You can get gang beasts numerically today, but a physical edition filled with stickers should be launched on December 7, 2021.

So, what is Gang Beasts? Gang Beast is a multiplayer board game taking place in the average streets of Beef City with severe gelatinous characters, brutal combat sequences and absurd hazardous environments. Players customize their character and fight local enemies and online in melee play mode or fight with friends against gangs of Beef City in gang play mode.

After several years of fights on several digital platforms and trucking on physical windows, gang beasts on Nintendo Switch comprises 21 dangerous steps, hundreds of colorful costume customizations and several local wireless multiplayer game modes, online and local For up to 8 players.

You can get the digital version today for $ 29.99 / 29,99 € / 24.99 £. The physical edition will be launched on December 7 for $ 34.99 / € 34.99 / £ 29.99. I do not really know why the physical edition is more expensive. It s quite rare. I know it comes with stickers, but I m not sure it s worth $ 5 more. As a person who really does in digital, it certainly does not change my mind.

Gang Beasts - WE ARE SOO DEAD!!! [Roof Waves] Gang Beasts is an incredibly fun game, and frankly, it s time for it to arrive at the Nintendo Switch. The switch is the perfect party machine because it is easy to take away wherever you go, so it s easy to set up a space to play with friends. For $ 29.99, you will easily get your money if you play with friends.

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