Akedo Studio: The creativity of a French studio around 2D video games and Pixel Art

Created by Nicolas Justin and Zoe Toussaint Asked is a French studio completely independent and 100% self-funded video games. The company wants to develop games for small and medium budget.

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Nicolas has worked for many years at Ubisoft Montreal on large video games such as Watchdog, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six or For Honor. At one point, Nicolas wanted to change framework by touching something other than the 3D development. Nostalgic its first code on Amiga 500, his will then return to a more creative and craftsmanship. The idea then came to create Asked Studio explains Zoe Toussaint, Head of Communications and Marketing within Asked and companion of the founder.

Nicolas Justin and Zoe Toussaint

Starting from scratch, Nicolas Justin then developed independently its own technology. The aim was to design independent video game creations incorporating the aesthetic and magic of our childhood games, by bringing modern touches; video games that could be called Neo old school.

Nick Reckless: the first game Retro Studio Asked

From 2019, the board on his first studio platform game entitled Reckless Nick in The Curse of the Lost Cause.

In this 2D game, the hero takes the form of an anti Indiana Jones touched by a curse that continues to pursue throughout his epic.

The player must then avoid all the traps present on its way through the levels generated in a completely random; a feature that allows gamers to access a near infinite replayability.

Each environment has four levels with a gradual difficulty. In all environments, curse plays an essential role: it can be beneficial to the player, or negative otherwise; this element is then used to pace the game. In this universe unrealistic, imagination takes over thanks to net-zero gameplay, to the magic of 2D and pixel art.

Officially launched in October 2021, the game whose mission is to reveal the players through many exciting challenges is currently available on itch.Io platforms and Steam.

The game as a reflection of our creativity Passionate about video game design, the founders of Asked wanted to create a development laboratory. The goal then is to conduct research of witch-magician as explained Zoe Toussaint, offering simplicity in technology, the complexity of the game, but also fun; and through stimulating experiences.

We want to offer a net-zero immersive experience and our passion for the game and enthusiasm to be an independent development studio, and self-financed. This form of entrepreneurship enables us to make gaming a reflection of our creativity, in freedom!.

The Loot Zone : an online store to support the studio

Asked Studio also offers its players and Internet users an online store called The Loot Zone. This platform aims in particular to support financially the studio through the sale of objects of all kinds in the image of its video game (shirts, t-shirts, mugs, USB keys, mouse pads, notebooks, art books etc.). From 17 to 29 November on the occasion of Black Friday, the company will offer the AK WEEKS. Customers will enjoy a 15% discount with the code AKWEEK15 and free delivery in France for all orders.

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