Bauruine New Mestalla: FC Valencia Droht Kollaps

Chile, in the long-lasting type of Chile (in Spanish Chile and Republican de Chile) is a nation in South America sharing its borders with Peru and Bolivia north on the one hand, as well as Argentina northeast, to the eastern as well as southeast on the various other hand, and whose territory develops a narrowband varying from the Atacama Desert to Cape Horn. Easter Island, located 3,000 kilometers from Valparaíso in the Pacific Sea, belongs to Chile since 1888. The area of the nation is 756 102 km2. The Federal government likewise declares a possession on the Antarctic continent: the Chilean area of Antarctica represents the longitudes 53° W as well as 90° W as well as lies southern of the seventy-fifth south parallel. The resources of Chile are Santiago. Chile is just one of the supposed countries southern cone as well as among the nations of Latin America, it is the one where European society is the most verified, with Argentina and Uruguay. Chile is one of the most established country in Latin America (in 2010, its human advancement index was 0.895). It is likewise, in 2010, the least corrupt country in Latin America, and also among one of the most democratic. The official language of the nation is Chilean Spanish, but are additionally talked of Indigenous American languages such as the Semi Run, Mapudungun or Aymara, and also a Polynesian language, Canada Trapani on Easter Island. None of these languages, nevertheless, has official condition. Chile has one of the five Mediterranean bioregions of the world; Its warm wintertime and its completely dry and also hot summers provide ideal problems for farming and various other manufacturing tasks. Nevertheless, the nation is highly endangered by global warming and also has shed a minimum of 37% of its water resources considering that the early 1990s. The nationwide currency is the peso (CLP, in your area $). On January 11, 2010, Chile became a participant of the OECD. In 2016, Chile is the fourteenth most unequal country at the international level.

The six-time Spanish football master FC Valencia threatens the financial collapse. Twelve years after stopping the construction work for the new Stadium NOU Mentally, the construction and tax authority of the Valencia region instructed the club to submit a financial plan for completion within 90 days. The reporting Spanish media.

Valencia has 400 million euros liabilities, of which there are supposed to pay 212 at short notice. 31.2 were newly added in the past season alone.

Last first, the six-time Spanish champion, which was found in 2000 and 2001 in the final of the Champions League, received 51 million euros from the company Rights and Media Funding Limited (ROFL) to cover ongoing costs.

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Царско село - Славия 2:5, XV кръг - сезон 2021/22 | 20.11.2021 (РЕПОРТАЖ) In 2007, the construction of the arena had begun, which is four kilometers away from the old Mentally. Since 25 February 2009, it has not gone on for financial problems.


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