Elden Ring finally unveils five classes that are in technology

Some Elder Ring fans can soon participate in a restricted demo or the closed network test. Now five classes have already been revealed, which are apparently playable. We know your names and now also know how they look. In the finished game, a total of ten playable classes should expect us.

Elder Ring soon starts a network test and these 5 classes were revealed

Elden Ring | 5 CLASSES REVEALED! | NEW Game Details | Network Test Elder Ring moves to tangible proximity: Souls borne fans are currently excellent. The Launch of Elder Ring is no longer either far away, soon the closed network test aka starts a closed beta and also last week to see this Pottengeile Gameplay. For more than 15 minutes you can experience here how Elder Ring will probably:

5 character classes revealed: On Twitter, the official Elder Ring Account has now burst the next big bomb. There, five classes were revealed, which will be playable in Elder Ring. More: You will probably even be playable in the Closed Network Test. This allows us to try at least half of the total of 10 classes that will give it in the game to release. These are the five presented classes:

Warrior Enchanted Knight Prophet Champion Bloody Wolf

We now also know how they look like: In the trailers, the Bloody Wolf was apparently visible. But he does not stay alone, on the contrary. Already on the 12th of November, these five Tarnished are supposed to cross the fog. What should mean that they are playable in the technology test.

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The Network Test of Elder Ring is to start on 12 November. However, only 50,000 people can participate in it and the registration was only until 1 November. So you should not be there, you have no chance anymore. But do not worry, all too long it will not take up to the launch anymore. Elder Ring should appear in just over three months, on February 25, 2022, for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and the PC.

How do you find the five classes? Which is your favorite?


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