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How to Level Up & Get Spectral Steed Mount in Elden Ring

Elder Ring is the first fully open game of from software, and players can get their own horse to explore the world. However, you will not start the game with a mount, and in real from Software Manner, the skill of the horse is not very easy. For most other games, you have to visit a stable or tame a horse in the wild, but the horse of Elder Ring will get in a way you may not expect. As soon as you have received the mount, you can call it anytime, even in combat and boss fights. It s a helpful tool, so you will find out here how you get a horse in Elder Ring.

How do I get a horse in Elder Ring

The Elder Ring Horse is received very early in the game. To unlock it, you must rest on four sites of grace. These are the equivalents of campfires or lanterns of Dark Souls or Blood borne. After resting at the fourth place of grace, meet an intermediate sequence that presents Melina, the game version of Fire Keeper or Maiden in Black.

After the end of the intermediate sequence, you will give you an object called Spectral Ross Whistle. In this way you can summon a horse. Make sure that you place it next to your bottles for easy access.

How to conjure a riding in Elder Ring

To summon a riding, you only need to use the Spectral Ross Whistle. This will summon the horse and automatically climbed. The name of her horse is torrent, and the horse can sprint long distances and double jumps. It is even great in the fight and allows you to quickly hit enemies before pulling back in safe distance.

The mounted struggle is an important part of Elder Ring, but watch out that Torrent does not take too much damage. Your horse can die and leave you on foot. You can bring it back to life by resting on a place of grace or spend a health bottle, but these are high prices in the world of Elder Ring. Be careful and do not be afraid to use her Ross in combat.

ELDER ring appears on February 25, 2022, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.


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