Elden Ring is the reason I play video games

Elder Ring is a future action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware as well as published by Banzai NAMC Entertainment. The game is a collective initiative between game director Hideaway Miyazaki as well as dream novelist George R. R. Martin, as well as is set up to be launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X/S on February 25, 2022.

It looks like a hyperbole, but that s not the case. I do not speak any games come Elder Ring, because, let s be honest, every second action game, platform game and Roguelike is now labeled as Soulslike. You think with so many games imitating the style and mechanics of the Special Sauce of FromSoftware, Certain Developer nullify the formula. But then you play Elder Ring and you realize that no game does not approach it.

Near enough, exactly? Many games make punitive fights, decreasing endurance, parades and sittings, rolling and dodging and filling their worlds of opaque traditions and bullshit that would have embarrassed a group of metal of the 1970s. Games as mortal shell or grime Temper Or to get it, you go away enough a real game, and you think now it s a Soulsellike. Then you play Elder Ring. Hell, just the edge of Elder Ring FromSoftware shows up in network tests, and you remember.

Elden Ring: The First 19 Minutes of Closed Network Test Gameplay

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The FromSoftware Games — from Demon s Souls anyway — probably seem uninitiated to be relatively interchangeable. They have a dark and Gothic atmosphere even when they take place in feudal Japan or Victorian England. They assume a magical reality and mystery layers beyond appearances, and they treat the player uniformly with respect. Clearly articulated mechanics. No cheap dead... Finally, usually.

Difficulty levels based on intelligent handling of tools and not on the climbing or artificial increase in enemy statistics without taking into account the level of the player. Above all, the games of from make the most important element of the gameplay the learning curve, the slope of control, the drop of dopamine to become good thanks to the practice and the intelligent observation.

Beyond the basic characteristics, fromSoftware has changed its mechanisms and structures more than foreigners could achieve it. Dark Souls 2 had a hub-shaped design and rays instead of the interconnected elegance of its predecessor. He had power positions and a constantly decreased health bar. Senior added stealth and vertical mobility. Blood borne added a combat regeneration mechanism and pushed players to an offensive game instead of hiding behind a shield. Everything did not work, and some good ideas (and some bad) were going and came.

Now we have Elder Ring, who already seems very likely to win the prize of the best from Frost, hands-on. This is the culmination of everything that preceded it, the apotheosis of the Miyazaki game design chops and society, a summary of all the best ideas of previous games and a bold vision of what is possible. It is an open world where nothing is random and where all counts, where the way to follow is to discover. He is full of new ideas and mechanics that I would have already liked to see appear in other games.

In the end, it is not a cure for cancer or a solution to an environmental apocalypse. It s just a game. But then, Beethoven s 9th was just a few notes, and the Lord of the Rings was just a few words. They were masterpieces, and I suspect it s the same for Elder Ring.


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