Elden Ring will feature Ray Tracing at Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC with a patch, and reveals more technical details

Elder Ring continues seducing every lover of the Souls with News related to his world. While we have recently known the first 5 kinds of the game, some options that will have access to the players that prove their closed beta, Banzai NAMC now provides us with more information about its Technical Section. In short, Elder Ring will look amazing, but the editor details more in depth the characteristics of each platform.

PS5 and Xbox Series X will have two configuration modes As it shares Banzai NAMC on its website, Elder Ring will have different resolutions according to the device we use. Following this line, PS4 will execute the game to 1920x1080p and up to 30 fps, while your Sister PS5 will do it to 3840x2160p and up to 60 FPS in Performance mode. On the other hand, Xbox One will present us the adventure of from Software to 1600x900p and up to 30 fps, and the performance of Xbox Series X raises these figures to 3840x2160p and up to 60 fps, again in Performance mode. To know all the details regarding Elder Ring on different platforms, we invite you to consult the lists you have below.

Technical characteristics of Elder Ring in Xbox

Features of Elder Ring in PlayStation

PC will limit the rate of frame at 60 FPS Regarding the PC ecosystem, the data provided by the editor confirms that its rate of FRAMES will be limited to 60 FPS, while its maximum resolution will reach 3840x2160p. Beyond the general data, especially call attention the compatibility of ray tracing in PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X. In this regard, Banzai NAMC confirms that this feature will be added via a patch, by What may not be able to enjoy the landscapes of Elder Ring with Ray Tracing from the Launch Day.

ELDEN RING Gameplay Demo 4K 60FPS PS5/Xbox Series X/PC

The list published by Banzai NAMC not only reveals the technical details of Elder Ring on each platform, but also points out the HDR compatibility in practically all devices and, in addition, confirms the configuration modes focused on performance and The graphics for both PS5 and Xbox Series.

Therefore, the entire experience of Elder Ring is taking shape when there are still a few weeks to leave the market definitely, something that is detailed both with information and the one we cover in this news as with the gameplay that has been Presented recently. As for those 15 minutes of video so commented, you can know the opinion of the 3D game team in the video you have at the end of this paragraph, but we also want to know your impressions: Is it the new from Software TAIL Y How do you wait?

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