Halo Infinite: Multiplayer could show Leaks already Monday

Hallo: Infinite should appear on 8 December. According to some leaks, however, the release could be at least partially preferred: the free multiplayer is supposed to be published next week Monday.

That would fit that on this November 15th the 20th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved is pending and Microsoft has also announced a stream that could be revealed this news. In addition, the division into free2play single player and paid story campaign would also favor a preferred launch.

Halo Infinite: The multiplayer part may come next week Monday

What is it here? Halo Infinite should actually appear to the launch of the Xbox Series S / X, but then postponed. Now the release is imminent, on the 8th of December it should be ready. Then, on the one hand, the free-playable multiplayer and on the other hand the paid single player part appear. However, the multiplayer could even come earlier according to rumors.

On Monday, November 15, the Halo multiplayer is supposed to appear. That says at least some leader. One of them promises to give away 100 US dollars on his Twitter account, he should be wrong. Another supposed insider also indicates Twitter that Halo Infinite could be released in November.

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How should this go? The Multiplayer Part by Halo Infinite appears as a standalone part anyway and can be played for free. If you do not care about the single player campaign and want to pay nothing, you can simply play the multiplayer parts from Halo Infinite. At least that would allow one to release the one part released from the other.

Halo Infinite | Multiplayer Reveal Trailer - A New Generation This speaks yet: On Monday, November 15, Microsoft celebrates the 20th birthday of the Halo Franchise with a LiveStream. That would, of course, be the perfect opportunity to conjure up a surprise from the hat. Accordingly, many fans hope that the launch could be preferred, and if it is only the multiplayer. In the test flights, the multiplayer made at least an advanced impression.

That speaks, however: Halo Infinite was already postponed anyway and of course we do not know if internally behind the scenes is still working on the finishing touch. Only because there is a jubilee stream, that does not necessarily mean that a surprise is planned in this magnitude. It could also act simply about wishful thinking of the fans.

Here you can see the latest trailer again:

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When is Halo Infinite? Officially Halo Infinite appears on December 8th. This officially includes both the free multiplayer and the single player story. The latter can buy you regularly at full price, but the game will also be included directly to the release in the Game Pass. But for a launch, some features are missing such as forge or the opportunity to play the campaign in the co-op.

Can you imagine that Halo Infinite actually appears in part earlier?


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