Halo Infinite Progression is under development, declares the design manager

The multiplayer beta version of Halo Infinite has come out for a few weeks. The basic gameplay is great. Hallo is back. Everyone and their mother played it and broadcast continuously, but everyone has also noticed something that needs to be improved.

As we explained in one of our recent features, Halo Infinite has some flagrant issues that it has to solve, even if it is very fun. It is always considered a beta, so these things should be flattened in a timely manner. There is a flagrant lack of game modes and the progression system is like a snail in slow motion.

In the current state of things, unlocking content in the combat pass requires XP, but the only way to get XP is to meet daily and weekly challenges. You could play all the hours of the day (which is not recommended), but you would not gain more XP than any other player.

The head of the design of 343 Industries, Jerry Hook, talked about it and described it as a pain. He also says that adjusting it would be its absolute priority this week. However, there is no delay for players to expect an update.

All you need to remind you is that it's always a beta version and some things are still being developed. You can also comfort the fact that season 1 has been extended until May 2022. Hope you will not need all this time to focus on this content.

The Infinite Halo multiplayer is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

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What changes would you bring to the progress system? Let us know in the comments below.

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