Here the incredible trailer Live Action of Halo Infinite

With Halo Infinite only a week away, the advertising campaign of the game is at all. In this way, a new trailer of this title was recently released, which completely leaves the gameplay and the story that 343 Industries will offer us, to present a short Live Action on the role of Master Chief.

In this trailer, which reminds us of similar shorts of Halo 3, we can see how the war has evolved throughout history, to the degree that we come to the distant future, where the Master Chief is a fundamental part For the survival of humans. This is the description:

Halo TV Series - Official Teaser Trailer

Throughout the history of humanity, heroes have risen when they are asked. The master chief carries every act of courage with him to his battle more challenging so far. We have always believed in the heroes, it's time to become one.

Halo Infinite will arrive at Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC on December 8. Similarly, this was not the only advance that was trained from the game, since recently also shared the launch trailer of HALO INFINITE. Similarly, several changes have come to the multiplayer of this title.


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