I am a fallen game media related person now now here here is a good game media official in these STEAM sales 1000 yen. [Steam autumn sending 2021 special feature]

This episode list includes all the episodes of the United States Dream Series Game of Thrones, arranged by the United States first-all-up. Between 2011 and also 2019, a total of 73 episodes resulted in a length of 50 to 80 mins in eight periods.

If you notice, it will end November, and in full-scale winter, GAME SPARK readers will spend? The other day, I would like to buy many games with the Hallowing Sale, which is now being done, and to be chased to win overnight.

Well, I will remember 2013. The first time introduced to play COD MW3 at the time, Steam was a popular FPS title and the best play free game. I'm not so nerd gamer w and I was a bit of a great deal of brush with that deep game with a huge game of the Deep game, and I was in memory that I was asking for a while with a butterfly.

While saying that such a writer okay, I'm not scared, a little, a few masterpiece games that surely dragged to the deep sea, 1000 yen or fewer in Autumn Sale Introduction Set (I will send you a job.

Save a good girl with a quiet girl. Debt will be unaware. Let's enjoy beautiful madness on the stage of Colombia floating in the sky.

Biocheck Infinite Complete Edition-75% OFF 745 yen

Detective Booker Door is a large amount of debt, and you can have a request from two visited men and women. Saving the Elizabeth who has been fixed to the tower. Debt will be revoked. Independent of the American continent, and will be adventurous with the mysterious power on Colombia, which floats to the sky. Why is Colombia floated to the sky? What is the true identity of Elizabeth? What is the end of the Baker Door? The last to be revealed will shock your mind.

It is a work of STEAM sale I bought for the first time. Speaking of the Bios hock series, the image of Horror game set in Deep Sea is strong, but the third work of this work is the stage of bright and beautiful Colombia, which is the stage of the sky. A lot of beautiful Colombian world, Booker Playing Fujiwara, who plays Elizabeth, Mizuki Samaria, Miyuki, and the fluffy afterglow after clearing. It was a masterpiece that was drunk. In addition, the history of black discrimination and Indian persecution that dissipates in a highly completed story, we felt a thin problem with the thin problem in Japan, and have such a thing... It was a work.

Uh ぇ! ? Retreat that has hit the soul in a new game experience

ONESHOT-40% OFF 598 yen

The sun is lost and the adventure game that regains light with Nico in the collapsed world. Nico and Player cooperate, and we will proceed with the story while guiding. Sometimes the puzzle is solved, and sometimes the player will try to resolve it. ONE-SHOT -Chance once. Please try or try your choice how to guide the story.

Anyway. It is a book I bought so, but it is only possible. I still remember that I was playing with the first game experience that did not buy any information (if I tried to get the previous information). Even if it comes to puzzles, the degree of difficulty is not as high as there, and it is not as to inhibit gameplay. I have not played this work yet, I would like you to play this work before being hindered somewhere. You can even lose the loss of the main character Nico.

BGM Joshi! Game sex Joshi! Replaying Joshi! Dungeon treads according to the rhythm!


In the dungeon where the beat is engraved, move up, down, left and right according to the rhythm. Gimmicks in the dungeon, monsters, weapons, character features and Orinoco BGM, and the rhythm will provide a unique game experience that is unique to one-strikes. Whatever you die, you try to train and let's get rid of the rhythm!

It is a dungeon game that also acts on the rhythm. BGM changing by the area, a merchant singing on an opera, a different action per monster, and an interesting new game with just moving. Everything is packed, and the price is 296 yen! It is a good work that has been about 3 hours when you notice, but 1 play itself can be cleared in about 10 minutes. So I am still playing this work between the game and the game and mood. At first future and all clipping after all the chestnuts. Cos pa is also Joshi! It is one of them.

A masterpiece set with the world. Please have a cute / beautiful glimmer.

https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/1837/inside limbo/

Limbo and Inside-75% OFF 831 yen (bundle)

Limbo and INSIDE provided by Played are dark, dimmed atmosphere drawn in monochrome, and the defined protagonist, and the characteristic works that are drawn many times. We will draw outstanding game properties and players such as breathing, footsteps, environmental sounds, and video beauty, and fearful video beauty, and fear.

It is Limbo and Inside to deliver seamless death. In both dark atmosphere, Limbo searches for sister, INSIDE will come out to run away to escape from later. What is happening? What kind of device is in the game? These games do not provide such a clear answer, but there are various effects that scrap the imagination of the players... I think you can satisfy you. The character is sucked...... It's a feeling of death, but it is full of attraction that feels beautifully. We recommend a great deal of bundles when you are looking for.

Fear and Facing, Earn Future SCP Like Super normal Elephant Management Game


A management game that manages body and manages abnormality to produce energy efficiently from a super-normally eliminated monster called abnormality. It is a work that manipulates multiple staff and manages various abnormalities simultaneously, and sometimes ends daily operations while causing a violation. Abnormalities' management manuals are not disclosed, and let's thrive Lobotomy with your own power while trying.

This work that has been inspired by the SCP Foundation is cruelty and unreasonable, and you can enjoy deep stories. Although energy is well managed with abnormality, the essential manual remains in full. It is a high difficulty game that unlocks the manual little by little while repeating Triad Errors. And while reading the information that will be disclosed little by little, What kind of good guy! I did not do such a thing Why is Kudzu is like this? Let's enjoy the ecology of absolute absence without losing to the main family SCP. If you like Hard and Sailing Management Games, this work will be Pastoral. You are addicted to the world view of Library of Rooney of the sequence.

You're Neva!

Pony Island-67% OFF 164 yen

This work for Daniel Mullins Games will operate a cute pony and jump over the obstacles, and work towards the goal to avoid a mischief favorite. Occasionally, the game corrupted code appears, so let's fix it to the normal code and run through the field with the pony.

The official trailer or store page is already All, but its contents are highly completed works that are organized at high levels of action, puzzles and stories. Anything I do not want to clear the game, the player's interaction, who wants to clear the game with this hand, there was a feeling that the exchange of players who wanted to clear the game was not seen in other works. The Gimmick at the end of the end was screaming because of its excellence. In addition, Daniel Mullins Games also sells works such as Inscription and The Hex that ARE became a topic. If you like this work, please come here.

Summary of subtraction action game

VVVVVV-75% OFF 124 yen

It is an action game that operates the captain and rushing through the dangerous zone to rescue the crew of distressed spaceships released in 2010. It is a masterpiece that is highly evaluated with simple operability and highly addictive 8-bit toning BGM, and tempo play with high-down moving and upper and lower gravity inversions.

Necessary minimum color, graphic, sound, operation. There are no flashy actions and no overwhelming video beauty, but it is concentrated with certainty funny intermittent to heat. There is no leisure that you can do fine character operations according to Orinoco BGM, and you can retry again soon. It is very difficult to clear the difficulty level, and it is extremely declined to the fact that it is difficult if you start looking up to the item. By the way, the authors The Tower is the best favorite. This work, which is a completion system of the action game subtraction, is 124 yen.

Covered and avoiding bullets. Masterpiece STG weaves White and black combined

ikaruga-50% OFF 490 yen

This work, which is a PC-transplanted version of the masterpiece arcade game developed by the treasure in 2001, is a game that changes with the Barrage STG so far, and it is a game that becomes an important key increase. The bullets emitted from the enemy machine have white and black attributes and can be absorbed by combining the attributes of their own machine with the attributes of the bullet. It is a new barrage STG, with increasing strategic and game properties by changing and receiving attributes as well as averaging.

A barrage STG game that is famous for Hello bee and Thou Project series, but you can not give a barrage shooter without talking about Montoya. It has been actively bulleted by combining white and black mode change, earning damage in the opposite color and the opposite character, and it was transformed into a deep game simply by making a simple system with one single system.. In addition, the production of Stage 1 starting with Yumiko, OTOH... left a deep impression for the first play. Original is an arcade game, but this time you can play infinitely with 500 yen payment.

So, I introduced eight games that I was drilled in Steam. Portal, L4D2, Undertake introduce the prospects in many of the attractions, so this time, I tried to choose the swampy game a little more. If you can buy all these 1000 yen or fewer, Steam is still a horrible place. Let's enhance the STEAM library in preparation for the end of the year to come.

This game is also built! If there is a work of less than 1000 yen, you will be delighted by the love with that love. Thank you. ※ Update (2021/11/27 18:20) : Corrected because the developer of was incorrect. Thank you for pointing out with a comment.


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