I wanted to make an original headline after playing Elden Ring but I can only say it s wonderful

So go more epic week thanks to the beta of Elder Ring. He had wanted to explore the new world created by Hideaway Miyazaki and George Martin R.R. And the feelings after a few hours playing status is overwhelming. If a closed beta like this to which we have access is so vast and offers so many possibilities and content, we can not imagine what we will bring in the final version. It is inevitable that, with only a few hours inhabiting the vast landscapes with Sinus and spectral steed, think before us clear one of the candidates Game Year 2022.

We can draw several interesting conclusions with closed beta of Elder Ring, which we have been able to play for about 10 hours. The first is that FromSoftware are very open-minded and are not at all closed to the evolution of the sector. Enough to make a Souls more to continue to thrill millions of fans. But they wanted to go further and inspirations in games like Dragon s Dogma and, especially Zelda: Breath of the Wild to give a new dimension to souls-like.

The Ring Elder world is enormous. Not only is the map to get lost for hours, but has several layers deep in itself, we will spend hours and hours exploring caverns, caves and castles. We have spent many, many hours and just give us the impression of having scratched the surface. In a simple beta it had a total of 12 major and bosses optional- -among. We could not even find them all, let alone beat the total we have encountered. I think starting in February we will have to request another life to dedicate this game as it should, and do nothing else for weeks.

The Souls-like next generation

It seems that with all this, the more linear and Padilla methodology -extended what I mean by this- saga of Dark Souls will cease to exist and games try to copy this new formula. A recipe we ve seen in games like mentioned Breath of the Wild. From the beginning we can go to the point of the scenario that pleases us, although the beta was limited to an invisible wall that will not be in the final- version, which exponentially increase the chances once the game is on the streets.

Also, if you get into an area where you think there is a boss too powerful at that time, can move easily and quickly through the points of grace that you unlock to try to level up and come back later with more capacity and strength. Never we ll be stuck in one point, because we can always go to a more feasible place and find new options or powers that help us improve. Because if one thing I liked about Elder Ring is his fighter has different and varied aspects.

At the beginning of the beta we have five different classes to choose, and by our decision, our character will have some better ways than others. In addition to the melee, we can also cast spells, some such as Ray pretty heads, and presumably adjust this in the final version. Also, new are the invocations; We call spectral creatures to lend a hand in combat and serve as a distraction, so we can hurt enemies at the critical point and not just focus on us.

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All this, of course, we have to go finding the stage. Well for the ability to invoke, forging to improve the power of guns or even Melina, a mysterious character who paints very important in history, and who will give us a whistle to summon the horse that will help us move, not only quickly, but with verticality by mapping. Elder Ring raw scan. Play with tranquility and calmness will be key. If we want to go ahead, quick to finish, we will face to face with an enemy that will crush us. That, precisely, can play in against those seeking a direct and uncomplicated experience. Like all games FromSoftware is for very specific tastes.

A bout very Souls, how could it be otherwise

Elder Ring True, but provides variety with different types of combat as the weapon, invocations and spells, yes that distills, and much, the feeling that this is a Souls. If you have experience in the saga, will not cost you anything to make you the scheme raises the game. You have to measure and study the enemies to know the right time to attack and, above all, to dodge.

This is a point a little more personal and, watching the videos shown of the game, where it was talked about the importance of Senior, I expected the closest approach to Senior, which seems majestic at the level of combat mechanics, With locks or bikinis. But, there is nothing like that here. We can not. It is not a glue, eye. is a more personal appreciation; Taking into account how good the fighting at the Souls or Blood borne, but in my opinion they are a point below the else that is Senior in this ; And the mixture of both aspects, it would have been simply perfect.

What if video games are art?

I Played Elden Ring and Now It's All I Want Once again, the absurd quote from whether video games are art, and thanks to games like Elder Ring, the answers are easy. It is true that at a graphic and technical level, we do not throw our hands to the head ; Moreover, no fromSoftware game stands out for that. But, at the artistic level, it is truly impressive.

The immense open world of which we used to mention would not be so remarkable of not being for the elegance that oozes the game in this aspect. From that huge giant and golden tree to any construction such as castles or lakes. Even enemies designs, brand of the house, they will over collect us in case style and personality unique. Surely there are many surprises reserved in the final version, and we can not stand more to throw over the glove.

Only a few hours have passed since we no longer have access, and we are biting our nails. Elder Ring is at a top level of virtually any video game in the market. The sensations with this beta have been tremendously positive, and that we stay with the feeling that many things remain for counting. The definitive version will be an uncountable well of hours that will have clinging to the screen for a long time, a long time. Now, there is only one remains to be patient until February and prepare for the jewel that is coming.


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