New World: Twitch Streamer Shroud sees great problem with the MMO

Since the Launch towards the end of September, the MMO New World-Payable player has lost. Accordingly, some servers are now empty. The developers of Amazon Game Studios want to counteract by putting less strongly populated servers in the foreseeable future. But according to a well-known streamer, the serious consequences could have.

Shroud sees problems for New World

Shroud gets too immersed in New World

It is around Michael Shroud Greek, who is currently being at the time most popular streamer of New World Twitch should be able to show a correspondingly great range. He had already reported several times to the online role-playing game in the past and found several words in addition to some criticism.

Server merger at New World

If Amazon Game Studios would assemble the smaller with larger servers, this could have serious consequences for the In game Economy according to Shroud. Especially on smaller servers, there is another economic system than heavily populated realms. So there are some monopolists who would only strengthen through a merger in the planned form.

It makes little sense, multiple smaller servers collapsed with a middle server. Much more meaningful would be to summarize several smaller servers and summarize multiple aids. Would you take some smaller servers on which a raw materials have due to a lack of competition, he comes up a medium or high population server and simply assumes it?

However, Shroud relativized his statement a little later. Due to the huge mass of existing In game objects, there is no solution to the problem in which it would not matter on the losing side.

Source: Shroud on Twitch

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