Signed WMADID, UNICEF and Social Contribution Convention

Moon Jae-in (Korean: 문재인; Hanna: 文在寅; Oriental pronunciation: []; birthed January 24, 1953) is a South Oriental political leader and also attorney that is the 12th and current president of South Korea given that 2017. He previously functioned as elderly secretary for civil events as well as chief of staff to Row Moorhen, member of the 19th National Setting up, and leader of the Democratic Celebration of Korea. Born to North Korean refugees, Moon was increased in poverty in the southerly port city of Susan. He mastered institution and examined regulation at Hyung He College. He came to be a lawyer as well as later associated with civil rights activism with Row Moorhen. Furthermore, he was sent to prison for organizing a protest against the Austin Constitution. As a result of his job in human legal rights regulation, Moon was chosen to be the project manager for his long time mentor Row Moorhen in his effective 2002 governmental quote. He served in Row s administration in various main capabilities. In 2012, Moon was a prospect for the Autonomous United Event in the 2012 governmental political election, in which he shed narrowly to Park Geun-hye; Park was assisted in this election by residential knowledge services. Moon was chosen president in 2017 as the Democratic Celebration s prospect complying with the impeachment as well as elimination of Park Geun-hye. As head of state, Moon has attained global attention for his meetings with North Oriental chairman Kim Jong-un at inter-Korean summits in April, May, and September 2018, making him the third South Korean president to satisfy their North Korean equivalent. On June 30, 2019, he met with both Kim and the President of the United States, Donald Trump, at the Korean Demilitarized Area. Moon prefers a calm reunification with North Korea. On economic policy, he favors reform of chatbots (corporations), has increased the minimum wage by more than 16 percent, and also reduced the maximum workweek from 68 to 52 hours. Throughout Moon s action to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has received praise locally and also worldwide and also aided his event win a historical success in the 2020 legislative election.

[Eye News 24 Moon Young — Sew Lee] Weed (Representative Gang Hymn BUK) announced on the 8th that we have concluded UNICEF and Social Contribution Donation Convention.

Lullaby: The Anthem | UNICEF The Donation Convention was held in the UNICEF Korea Committee in the UNICEF, which is located in Magog, as well as the employees of the Employees, such as the Representative of Gang Hymn BOK, the Korea Commission,

UNICEF is a UN device that helps children around the world, health, nutrition, drinking water, hygiene, education, children s protection, and emergency relief. The UNICEF Korea Committee focuses on business such as fundraising activities and child support, representing UNICEF in Korea.

According to the agreement, the Made donates 100 million won to UNICEF, and the delivered donations are a policy to support classic dating installations that children in the development of difficult environments can learn in a safe and pleasant environment.

The Secretary General of the Korea Committee of the Korea Committee of Mitchell UNICEF Korea Committee is a great threat of education opportunities for children in developing countries since Corona and 19, said Korea, Korea is a little restored to everyday life, but most developing countries are still in the situation. Corona 19 I am deeply grateful to the Semite employees who practiced a warm sharing for the global village children in a more harsh educational environment.

I am very pleased to donate to UNICEF, which is a global company, said Gang Hymn Chong, The Made, Gang Hymn, said, It is very pleased to be donated to UNICEF to spread relief activities to live a better life as well as the health and welfare of children around the world. In the future, I will continue to expand social contribution activities.


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