Smile Gate, Lost Arc in favorite, North America, European test

[Eye News 24 Municipal Journal] Smile Gate RPG (Representative Assistance) announced on the 19-day, North America, Europe, South America, and Australian Secretary Test (CBT) of Lost Arc, which was held with global corporate Amazon.

This test was conducted for a total of 7 days from November 4th to November 4, North America through Global Game Platform Steam.

Amazon Games to launch Smile gate RPG's Lost Ark in North America and Europe amazon glacier The number of simultaneous viewers who watched Roast Arc content on the 4th (North American standard) on the first day of the test (North America) on the Global Broadcasting Platform Twitter, the number of concurrent viewers who watched Roast Arc content exceeded 260,000 and recorded third in the entire category.

The cumulative viewing time of viewers who watched Lost Arc related content on this day was over 3152,700 hours. In addition, on November 5th and 6th weekends, we have steadily recorded the number of concurrent viewers over 110,000 or more, and demonstrated the continued expectation of global users.

At the test platform, steam, the Lost Arc was also a favorable users favorable user. With a review of more than 5,600 reviews, more than 95% of users have positively evaluated their positive evaluation and recorded the highest overwhelming positive.

This beta test has recorded a maximum of 88,000 concurrent users, even though it was possible to participate in a limited number of persons to confirm the technical stability, and the steam chart was ranked 7th place, and on the day of the test, PLAY) I ranged to the first place in the sector.

Smile Gate RPG and Amazon Games will formally show roast arcs in early 2022, in early 2022, in early 2022, in early 2022, in early 2022.

I will prepare to do our best until the official service, said RPG, Lost Arc will prepare for the best of the local service to let the Lost Arc widely informed the world.


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