Steam Sale In Autumn 2021: Do not miss these 10 essential games for less than 10 euros

Endless Space 2 is a video game of the Publisher Amplitude Studios from 2017. It is a round-based space strategy game as well as the follower to Endless Space.

In case it was not little with the Black Friday, go Steam and throws its classic. And here we are again for a new sales period on the Valve platform until November 30 : Over the years, the public interest has decreased a bit in what was before a small event, yes But there is still the expectation for saving us about euros.

So here we leave you A first selection of 10 essential games for less than €10. In the lot, some like Hollow Knight or Prison Architect, but also some titles that may have gone unnoticed in recent months, or even in recent years.

Note: The first article focuses on 10 games with a price between €9.99 and €4.99. Tomorrow a second selection will be published with 10 games below €5.


The sequel to the game that had achieved brilliantly use the mechanics of the old RPG to add them to a new universe and in a more modern form. With Pillars of Eternity 2: Dead fire, the RPG series acquires another dimension, offering naval battles and a world to explore much larger and rich than its predecessor. Often rejected compared to your predecessor, it is still a serious alternative if you want to become a typical quality role game for PC.

Pillars of Eternity 2 to €9.99 in Steam (-75%)

Endless Space 2

If you love the 4x as civilization, and you want them in space, but Stellar is scares you, Endless Space 2 is for you. Pretty accessible for a title of the genre, it is a good point of entry for this type of game, and for the excellent amplitude games Studios (Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Legend, Humankind). Ironically, it is probably a good idea to play without the DLC, especially at first, which makes it a good business with Steam's sales. Colonize the universe with different towns, each with game mechanics and unique stories, and decides how you are going to achieve victory: Military, economic, scientific or diplomatic domination?

Endless Space 2 to €9.99 in Steam (-75%)

A plague tale innocence

With its sequel, Requiem, announced a few months ago, You may want to take a walk exploring the first adventure of the less fortunate brothers in the world. Immersed in the middle of the epidemic of black plague, the game focuses on infiltration phases and the resolution of basic riddles. Clearly to plague tale is never very difficult, or original, but your rhythm is sustained, and you never get bored.

A plague tale innocence at €9.99 in Steam (-75%)


VC4 offers a fairly original gameplay, very different from other tactical games, since you have a pool of action points for your entire army, and you can distribute them as you wish. If you want your tank or your best drive to act 3 times and that others observe the landscape, you are free! Then, the unit is controlled by third person, which immerses in the action, while trying to take full advantage of the inverted point. It is taken quickly in the hand, it does not require a great tactical genius, and the rich history in endearing characters can be followed as if of an anime it was

VALKYRIE CHRONICLES 4 to €9.99 in Steam (-80%)


Klein Entertainment is, from Don't Starve, a study with projects that have always been very well-received by criticism and the public. For this management game, the study offers us to manage a colony of survivors in profile view : The objective will be to expand your underground territory, while guaranteeing the well-being of your troops. Of classic contour, but endlessly striking and visually attractive. Eye, the game is a bit difficult to understand during your first hours, but once started its just happiness.

Oxygen not included at €9.19 in Steam (-60%)


One more tactic in this selection, but what tactics! This PIXEL ART Pacific Rim looks more like a puzzle game than to a classic turns tactics game. To save humanity from extinction, you will have to destroy the horrible Kailua with the help of armed robots. The problem is that we will have to rid a battle avoiding trampling cities and the facilities of human civilization. Therefore,, each turn should be a moment of anticipation in which you will have to face an eventuality to trigger such a devastating combo for the enemy as insurance for the population.

Into The Breach by €7.49 in Steam (-50%)

The Forest.

Huge cooperative base that The Forest. Trapped on an island After the fall of your plane, you will have to survive the assaults of Mother Nature, but also those of strange creatures residing in the basements of the area. Therefore, TF is divided into two phases: On the surface, you will simply build your base collection and elaborating objects as in any survival game. But as you progress underground, the game changes focus and gives many key elements that will facilitate your exploration. An excellent game for up to 4 players.

The Forest at €6.71 in Steam (-60%)

Hollow Knight.

Because we can not repeat it enough: Hollow Knight is amazing. While Metroidvania fans cry as they see again the only trailer of Silk song, which is shown just below, we strongly recommend that they start towards the Hallow nest kingdom and their dangerous land. The first contact can be a bit abrupt: this is a title you should go, because you will not give you a gift. But by force of exploration and perseverance, there are many possibilities that you fall under your devastating spell. And do not be afraid to check a guide to unlock the road to the end real, it is definitely worth playing this.

Steam Autumn Sale 2021: 31 best games under 5$ Hollow Knight for €7.49 in Steam (-50%)

Prison Architect

Become the administrator of a high voltage prison. This is again an indie of cult, often cited as an example in the field. The amount of parameters that must be taken into account and, in general, the content of the game are find in the high average of what can be expected from the genre: matured for many years in advance access.

Prison Architect at €6.24 in Steam (-75%)

Chroma Squad.

Do you like Sendai, T-RPG and management? Then you may like it Chroma Squad. Although it does not have immense pretensions, the Behold game manages to emphasize thanks to its well-established rhythm, alternating between turmoil, the management of your ST8AI series recording study and its plot. It is also a good point of entry to the Japanese style tactics, thanks to a very simple game mechanics, but varied enough to stay up to the end.

Chroma Squad for €6.24 in Steam (-50%)

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