Stokoe, Sauvage, Maleev, more tip up for King Conan 1 variant covers

Writer Jason Aaron, artist Mahmoud Star, as well as colorist Matt Wilson will lastly return to Conan the Barbarian for a six-issue limited series labelled King Conan, which was initially announced by the makers for launch in 2020.

Currently, the story, which operates as a sequel to Aaron, Star, and Wilson's previous 2019 Conan the Barbarian run, is arranged to debut December 22.

In the story, Conan becomes troubled resting on the throne of Aquila, making a decision to venture out by ship looking for new experiences which Wonder states will take the tale of Conan even more than has ever before been revealed in media to date!

In the process, old evils will certainly back their heads and brand-new obstacles will arise, all developing toward the conclusion of Aaron's individual Conan saga.

I referred to as soon as Mahmoud, Matt, as well as I completed 'The Life as well as Death of Conan' in Conan the Barbarian, among the outright individual highlights from my career as a comics author, that I had not been done associating everybody's favored Zimmerman, Aaron states in the statement. As King Conan rode into the sundown at the end of that story, with his boy, Prince Conn, by his side, I always understood where I wanted that story to take us next.

Surprisingly, Aaron took a similar path with his long Thor run, finishing it with a minimal series labelled King Thor that flashed forward to Thor's future for a last tale set in Aaron's connection.

Take a look at this unlettered preview of King Conan 1 by Aaron, Star, and also Wilson:

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King Conan 1 preview


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Now at last comes that next phase, as Mahmoud, Matt as well as I reunite to reveal a zero hour in Conan's life as a king, as a dad, as a mortal enemy of snake-worshipping Stygian wizards and also as a barbarian who was born to chase the wind, also to the ends of the earth, Aaron concludes.

By CROM, we're finally bringing the barbarian-turned-king to the viewers, Star adds. It's criminal just how much I'm appreciating drawing each panel in this book considering what we're placing him via.

??? Has actually drawn the main cover to King Conan 1, with alternative covers planned from Stephanie Hans, Stan Sakai/Dave Stewart, Marguerite Savage, Mr. Garcia, James Stoke, the late John Buscemi (an unusual piece recolored), and Alex Male. Check them full blast here:

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King Conan 1 alternative covers

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King Conan 1 (of 6) takes place sale on December 22.


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