The fun of Elden Ring is a level that interferes with life, but what should I do...? 【column】

The network test of the new operation RPG ELDER RING for the Full Software PS4 / PS5 / XBOX ONE / XBOX SERIES X | S / PC started November 12th.

There seems to be many applicants for this test held by the lottery system, and on Twitter, lottery hit! Lottery is not possible! It was full of tweets, and the word of Elder Ring was up to the trend.

I was able to play a network test one by one for the editing of the picture diary of Toshiba Yeshiva, but This is... The sense of crisis It is addictive to life. I remembered.

It is a title that is addictive and enjoyable for a long time because the company s Dark Souls series, who has created up to the genre of Seoul Like. After clearing the TRI & Error, clearing the main story, change the feature (class) and the weapons and play a change, and support other players in online multiplayer mode, and conversely, it can be done to the player killer. Increase.

This work is that the field is open world while inheriting such a system of past works, so the search width has spread. Only a part of the preceding play could not be played, but of course, there should be more volumes.

In this work, a map screen is provided as well as the conventional open world game, but the topography is not drawn in detail. You can get it with a stone monument along the highway (some exceptions) and collect Map pieces and draw detailed topography.

I was played without putting any map fragments at all, but I was looking for a sense that I got a sense of field in my eyes and wearing a land intuition is interesting. When you find a basement room or dungeon in a casual place in that process, the desire says I want to explore this world.

It is part of the main story that I could experience this time. In the product version, I thought that it would be supposed to be addictive to this search element and will cause a problem to interfere with life.

Before you add to such a bottomless swamp, I tried to find something that I could not do anything or do something. More than such a game introduction... If you say, please refer to the play report already posted.

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  2. Elder Ring can be enjoyed at PS4! ? A thorough commentary of the game system and play feel of all over the worldwide

  3. Does the assassin live with Elder Ring ? I tried to challenge the Stealth Action to the new film

Are you scheduled to schedule around Elder Ring ?

First, I thought it would be better to put the schedule firmly for Elder Ring. Then check from the basic place.

Did you know that February 25, 2012, which is the release date of this work, is Friday? Most game release days are Thursday, but this work will be released on Friday.

Some socialist gamers do some days to get a day off, so remember that you should take a rest on Friday. And it is better to go to travel abroad, not only Friday, but also to travel abroad, and take the next week. Because it looks like a trip to play an open world game.

And it should be possible to play with the date of the day of release, securing your nutritional drink, physical condition management, etc. Besides, guests such as room cleaning and document procedures may be better to finish by the day before.

Did you know that it is a new rush in January-March 1-3.

February 25, 2012, which is released by this work, the timing of the new rush. Have you tried to get a hand to other games if there is Elder Ring there?

I tried to pick up and list the attention to be launched from January 2022 to March, but I thought that this has had to think about the time allocation even if you play multiple titles. (All scheduled date is November 14th)

  1. Rainbow Six Extraction (released on January 20, 2022)

  2. Pokémon Legends Access (released on January 28)

  3. Ding Light 2 Stay Human (Released on February 4)

  4. Horizon Forbidden West (Released on February 18)

  5. Sophie s Atelier 2-Wonderful Dream Alchemist- (Released on February 24 ※ STEAM version is released on 25th)

  6. SAINTS ROW (released on February 25)

  7. Dragon Quest X Awake Five Tribes Offline (Released on February 26)

  8. Gran Tourism 7 (released on March 4)

  9. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin (Released on March 18)

Pokémon Legends Access released on January 28 will be cleared because it has time to release this work. However, Horizon Forbidden West, Saints Row, Gran Tourism 7 overlaps the play time.

Effort...... What should I do? Listing and no extra reminder.

Most of the people who experienced network tests should have become a prisoner of the attraction of this work while being short play time. On the other hand, there are many people who felt danger of poisoning of this work?

A Magical First Playthrough of ELDEN RING

The authors have made a feeling of arranging their own works and shoulders like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. These two works play a masterpiece that makes a hundred of hours to play. And when this work is released, the new rush is in the middle of the new rush, but there is time to play other games at the same time.... I wanted to prepare something until this work was released, but now I could only see the day of the release date.

If there is a person who knows the work (learning) while playing Elder Ring and sends a sound life to the reader, there is a person who knows a sound life comment field of this item Can you tell me...? In any case, if the product version is released, if you are released!

【PS4】 Elder Ring (preservation benefits Adventure Guide & Map Poster · Gesture Pose of Ring included) ¥7,555



【PS5】 Elder Ring (preservation benefits Adventure Guide & Map Poster · Gesture Pose of Ring included) ¥7,555




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