The game industry in Europe could have to change to keep its employees

The video game industry is the industry associated with the advancement, advertising and marketing, and also money making of computer game. It encompasses loads of job self-controls as well as its element parts utilize countless individuals worldwide. The video clip game industry has grown from concentrated markets to mainstream in the current years. As of 2018, July, computer game produced sales of US$ 134.9 billion each year worldwide. In the US, it absorbed about US$ 9.5 billion in 2007, 11.7 billion in 2008, and 25.1 billion in 2010, according to the ESA annual report. Modern computers owe several breakthroughs as well as advancements to the game industry: sound cards, graphics cards and also 3D visuals accelerators, faster CPUs, and also specialized co-processors like Phys are a few of the much more remarkable enhancements. Audio cards, as an example, were originally created for an addition of digital-quality audio to video games and also only later were they enhanced for the music industry. Video cards were originally developed to give even more screen colors; and also later to support visual customer interfaces (GUIs) as well as video games. This drove the demand for higher resolutions as well as 3D acceleration.

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The results of a survey conducted in October 2021 per antiquities in Europe came out today, with surprising results. The survey, which interviewed more than 400 game industry professionals (428 if to be exact), requested their reactions to pandemic change and what they need not change careers in another sector of career. What they told AMQ UES, which is a gaming industry recruitment agency, it is because the transition to remote work was surprising.

But the benefits of remote work were also surprising. 82 percent of the workers admitted that their level of productivity, instead of falling, remained the same or even increased by working at home. Many also stated that they had been able to save money (and probably a lot of stress) by not having to go to work, having a better personal work-life balance and being able to pass more than time with their family, among other benefits. Nearly sixty percent of those who started working at a distance always do so, while 15 percent work according to the Hybrid Home and Office work model and 13 percent work at the full-time office.

The crucial point is that the professionals of the game industry know what it looks like and benefit from the above benefits, they would not consider a position in the future if there was no possible work possible. About 41 percent of the workers were firm on this position, while only thirty-two percent would even consider the possible position. This could mean that the game industry, in general, must keep this in mind if it wants to recruit or even keep its employees, because 79 professionals surveyed — nearly 80% — consider a change of career, because their workplace does not offer them ideal working conditions. If this happens, we could lose the future of Alan Wake, the possibility of a follow-up of the loop of death or a DLC, all that is remote Detroit: Become Human, or the cancellation of Horizon: Forbidden West, to name a few possibilities. Although there are many games made in North America and Asia, we can not forget the European games we are lucky, young and old.

The Commercial Director of Ams, Liz Prince, has this, among other things, to say about the question of maintaining game professionals in the same industry: Offering a completely remote option is the only way to maintain the attraction strategy The widest possible talent... Studios and other companies, full distance work for their staff can present some challenges. But, according to our experience and the results of the investigation, it is clear that it is challenges on which it is worth working to rethink our workplaces and our working models from scratch, to help Remember and attract the best and diverse team for your studio.

This survey may only have been conducted in Europe, but it could apply to other game industries around the world.

Do you think there should be a change in hybrid offices for the game industry on a global scale? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter!


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