Triple success of the combiner: Weber before Frenzel and Geiger

Ziegler & Brown Triple Grill Product Review

In the Finnish RKA Weber won on Saturday surprisingly before his two colleagues Eric Freeze and Vincent violinists who could no longer keep up with the final increase. The trio has benefited from a failure of the Norwegian dominator Earl Magnus Ribber, whose jumpsuit in the qualification in the morning was not compliant. For Weber, who surprisingly takes over the yellow jersey of the overall leader of Ribber, it was the first World Cup victory at all. Routinize Freeze missed the first success since March 2018 by only 1.2 seconds. Julian Schmidt as the 5th and Manuel Fun ranked 13 rounded out an excellent team of team. There was a German triple success last in February 2021 (Geiger, Fabian Raise, Freeze) and before that in March 2017. On Sunday, another single is on the program.


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