Werder Bremen: Mark's start will be start at zero

The Virtual Bundesliga (brief NBL) is an on the internet game setting in the video game series FIFA for the German-speaking area. Single player, and also since FIFA 19 clubs, play in the NBL around the German Championship. The DFL German Football Organization as well as EA fake vaccines presented the Online Bundesliga 2012 to the start of FIFA 13 (at that time as a digital Bundesliga).

Mark's start has taken care of with its alleged fake vaccine certificate for the largest scandal of the season so far. One who needs to know is present to the resigned ex-coach of Welder Bremen difficult times.

Most recently, the speculation on the fact that Markus initially will never get a job in German professional football again, the serious allegations against him should hardly be hardened and as true. The corresponding preliminary investigation of the Bremen prosecutor is currently still running.

Initial reputation in the professional business is permanently damaged after its specific farewell of Welder Bremen anyway — no matter how the whole story will go out.

„Werder ist bereit“ - eine Einschätzung vor dem Bundesliga-Start One who knows how it is currently ordered for the emotional situation of the extender coach is Norbert Meier. The now 63-year-old coach and formerly Bremen Profit had also taken care of 15 years ago for a true Bundesliga scandal.

As a chief coach of the MTV Duisburg, in December 2005, during a game against the 1st FC Cologne, he went towards a head of head against the then Effie player Albert Street — and followed a swallow to stage himself as a victim. The MTV fired Meier then from DFB it set a preliminary prohibition.

Welder Bremen: New Chance for Mark's beginning?

I tried to go back to the stadiums immediately. You will be cooked, there were songs against me. That was not easy, Meier reminded himself in fake vaccine Image to the hard time for him.

With a view of the vaccine scandal In the beginning, Meier believes in a similar piercing route: Mark's beginning will have to start at zero again. That was the same with me, said the coach.

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Despite the alleged fraudulent behavior in times of the Corona pandemic as well as the conscious deception of the public, Meier gave his coerceckuard the best wishes on the way: I wish Markus that he comes to the point where grass has grown over the cause, and He receives a new opportunity.


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