Werder's Bremen: Corona

His first unit as a new coach of the SV Welder Bremen had to hold Ole Werner with only 14 field players. The rest of the team is injured, trained individually — or is in quarantine. On Monday, the club announced that three more players have issued in isolation. In addition to Mitchell Weiser it is the positive tested (PCR) Fabio Chlamydia and Niklas Schmidt. Most recently, Nicolai Rap and Co-Trainer Daniel Djokovic have been detected positive Corona findings, as well as Clemens Fritz, Welder's Head of ProfiFussball.

After staying, according to Frank Baumann, since the outbreak of the pandemic at Welder relatively well, it is now actually so that we have caught us again and again in the last 14 days, said the sports chief. The currently four quarantined professionals do not mean excessive impairment of the sporting processes in Bremen, yet the 46-year-old: The numbers are high, so the risk increases for us.

Already 35 million euros low revenue by the pandemic

The nationwide increasingly grave Corona situation is increasingly reorganizing the worries in Bremen, also from an economic perspective. The sports chief once again emphasized that the viewer revenues for us are a very important acquisition factory. 35 million euros in shortfalls (season 2019/20: 8 million, season 2020/21: 27 million), the pandemic has already cost the association in the recent past. That's why we would meet, of course, like any other club, says Baumann, if we suddenly have to experience ghost games again.

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Already ten days ago, Klaus Fiery, Welder's Managing Director Finance had emphasized that the current season is also implemented without viewer revenues and sufficient liquidity. But: That's not infinitely feasible. In this respect, at some point the times could come back, the existence threatening. Stand today they are still very far away because we have made our homework at the site. Even in terms of stadium utilization, meanwhile, one attempts to do everything from our side, Filming Constated, including a solution with 2G +.

Fans from high incidence regions are not allowed

Baumann now also referred to the fact that one could only signal by striking to the designed hygiene concepts, to take the pandemic location very seriously. At the upcoming home game against Erzgebirge AUE, Welder has reduced the viewer capacity by 25 percent to a maximum of 31,600. In addition, no fans of regions with high incidences are admitted. Since we have found a reasonable solution, said Baumann, who hopes yet to be a sense of responsibility and understanding for further measures, if we can not only play in front of AUE, but also in the back series in front of spectators. The sold-out games against St. Pauli And Schalke also showed what was missing in the 18 months ago, This enthusiasm of the ranks.

The new Welder coach also expressed itself in front of his home debut in the Weserstadion, with a blend of wishful thinking and understanding: At the end of the day, for every athlete, it is perfectly clear that he wishes to play in front of spectators, Werner said, What But it is also clear: that I am the last one who has to decide and the last one who can evaluate that.

Training camp in winter? Wait

And then there is still the training camp. It would be probably in Werner's as well as Baumann's sense, which can actually be able to hold the approximately one-week winter preparation in January in Spanish Murcia as planned. I believe that it would make sense of purely athletic reasons, especially with OLE as a new coach, explained the Bremen sport chief. However, Welder must also wait for the pandemic development and any travel restrictions until then, so far, then we would have to reschedule and hold the training camp here.


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