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If you want to make the big money Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl, the amulet coin is the perfect object to support them on their way. The amulet coin returns as a feature of previous generations and doubles the amount of money, which is earned in a fight when he is held by one of your fighting Pokémon.

With the item you can buy more Eyeballs for catch and buy the expensive TMS in the department store of Hailstone City. This guide describes exactly where you will find the amulet coin in the new Pokémon games.

How to find amulet coins

First you need access to Heart home City, which comes after victory over Eternal City Gym Leader Gardenia. If you are in Heart home, go to the north of the city where you will find the Amity Square.

This area allows you to run free with your sweetest Pokémon and accommodates some valuable items, including the amulet coin. Do not worry about having a sweet Pokémon at hand. As long as you have your starter Pokémon, you can access the area.

How To Get The Amulet Coin In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Enter the Amity Square with your chosen Pokémon and go to the east to a staircase that leads to an increased area of ​​the park. Once you are here, go north again until you find two small caves that the player can enter. In the cave left, hidden in front of the camera, there is an amulet coin. Enter the cave and press A, and the item belongs to you.

Now you have your amulet coin. Choose a Pokémon that you often use in combat to keep the item. While it is a helpful game mechanics while the Sinner oh challenge to the Elite Four, the object shines in the final. With her team, which is strong enough to put the best challengers of the region again and again in rubble and ash, they will soon see how the money escapes.

Further information about Pokémon Bright diamond and luminous pearl can be found in our list of key changes to the new games compared to your originals. If you have trouble finding the Super Rod in the huge world of Singh, read our guide to finding the legendary fishing equipment.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

— This article was updated on 24 November 2021


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