Wow: No update planned for the soul gang

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That patch 9.2 will appear, probably every WOW player was clear. But what the patch is involved for new zones, RAID or systems, which has now communicated Blizzard to the new update in the developer video. And they seem to be a small mistake. Because towards the end of the video and in the associated Blue Post several little things were summarized and there it was said, among other things:

Updates to Professions, Soul binds, Conduits

So innovations for the professions, soul gangs and media. That s not quite true. For a short time later, Community Manager Canvas reported in the official forum and explained that there were no current plans to update the soul gang.

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Blizzard Just Wanted to Paint This Blue And Add a Thought. IT Looks Like We Mentioned Soul binds in The Video. WE Do not Have Plans to Update Soul binds in Eternity s End.


In The New Content, Soul binds Will Continue To Work as Before.

In practice, that means that the soul gang in patch 9.2 works as well as you are currently doing. But just not, as with patch 9.1, with new talents or the like are equipped.

Incidentally, the media were not removed from the list. It is therefore to be assumed that they will at least be playable in a higher ITem level. Whether there will also be new media, however, is currently unknown. How the update of the professions looks like is not known yet.

Would you have wished new talents of the soul gang — or can t you find the system very much anyway?

CONDUITS & SOULBINDS Guide WoW Shadowlands - Feature Overview | How to Unlock Change & Upgrade .

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