6 the most sold video games that do not have well aged

As a media, video games have both suffered and benefited from rapid technological growth over the last four decades. When looking at a movie or listen to an album just twenty years ago, consumers can expect somewhat similar experience in more recent versions. The video games, meanwhile, have experienced a massive technological improvement in terms of what can be done and an exponential increase in the value of production. Even the best-selling games of the past can suffer from certain mechanisms or other aspects that do not resist well to the test of time. Many games listed here are always incredible games and are extremely important for the history of the industry. Emphasize aspects of these games that have poorly aged should not tarnish a sustainable legacy, but rather highlight the progress made by the medium.

6 . Grand Theft Auto III

Although Rock star helped launch 3D games in open world, players will find their clumsy and periodically frustrating generator. Despite my tendency to pass the first 3D graphs, the bulky polygons of GTA III do not resist alternative versions of 2001 such as Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 2 and Silent Hill 2. Driving and Shooting are both slow and sloppy, and even foot controls seem unreliable. Voice performance is also a bit distracted, with exaggerated delivery or emotionless campers constituting most of the recordings. Although rude on the edges, players will always appreciate visiting Liberty City and accumulate one or two sought-after stars.

5 . Tomb Raider

Although they arrived at the game scene in the late 90s, Lara Croft and the first iterations of his franchise Tomb raider do not respect modern standards. At a time when 3D physics was still being developed, running and jumping mechanisms can be frustrating for players and lead to unnecessarily repetitive exploration sections. The gun fight also suffers from The technology of the time and can be a chore to group for players, because players may not be used to the lack of control that Lara has behind his twin pistols.

4 . Red and blue Pokémon

Pomerania may have been held a vise on all children aged 5 to 12 for nearly a decade, but revisit the first primary color cartridges can be a bit tedious. The biggest obstacle to overcome for contemporary players is the rhythm of snail that have suffered the first generations of Pokémon. The slow running speed and combat speed have pushed many players to search for a fast feed rocker found in many emulators. In addition, Pokémon did a remarkable job by diversifying his collection of monsters over the years, but the first people suffer from problems of equilibrium and overrepresentation of certain types.

3 . Star Wars: Knights of the Former Republic

The force was certainly strong with BioWare when developing their legendary Star Wars RPG Knights of the Old Republic, but the fight is very revealing that the title is out there is very, very long ago. Halfway between Crags based on groups and action RPGs in the third modern person, Bioware has set up a quasi-tower action queue fighting system that, very honestly, Worked very well at the time and helped bring BioWare titles to consoles. By revisiting Motor, it is obvious that RPG combat systems, especially on consoles, still had a great deal of progress.

In addition, like many games of its time, vocal performance does not compare well to the latest games. Many eminent characters suffer from flat deliveries and unwilling dialogues. That being said, the warning must be given that it was rare for extremely vast RPGs at the time to have as many dialogues expressed. Although the feat may not have been executed according to today's standards, it is essential to note how impressive it was for the time. With a remake en route, Spy has the opportunity to modernize this classic of all good manners.


Although the classic N64 has been chosen for this spot, the criticism can largely apply to the majority of pre-halo console shooters. Games like Golden eye, Perfect Dark and Medal of Honor suffered from an unhappy sightseeing mechanics, often with the movement and direction of aim related to the same joystick or the same directional pavement. These problems can be found rooted in the somewhat unprecedented output of FPS games on consoles, as well as analog stick being a relatively new feature. Although Golden eye's PVP mode has been revolutionary, return players will find that some mechanisms of the game are just a victim of its circumstances.

1 . Resident Evil

As a franchise that has undergone many changes in gameplay, modern Evil resident fans can be a little upset if they come back to the 1996 Cap com Classic. The air camera associated with the tank controls and From shooting is frustrating and clumsy, although some fans claim that the lack of order response adds to panic and fear of encountering a dangerous enemy. In addition, English translation moments can divert the attention of the atmosphere, such as the famous line Jill Sandwich. The difficulty curve over the decades has also been relaxed, so many players will find Resident Evil's aware safeguarding system unnecessary and not encouraging.

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