Better than The Last of Us & Co: The Best Gaming

Good video games often tell of thrilling stories that put their players completely in their spell. But we are honest: even if the actions of The Last of Us, Halo & Co. are really damn exciting, the best gaming stories arise in games without solid story — because they can just write them themselves.

In Games Without Story, the best stories hide

Surprising Plot twists, emotionally upsetting moments, bizarre events and unique stories — something there is only in games with outstanding story, right? I see it differently! Sure, the actions of narrative masterpieces like The Last of Us went very close to me and impressed me and also the oppressive feeling in the tunnels of Metro 2033 I will probably never shake out again, but the Stories that will remain in mind all the time, come from games in which there is no solid framework. And that has a good reason: I wrote you yourself.

When I told my friends about how my just 30 minutes old settlement in Rim world went, because my character with the best weapons skills as a pacifist turns out, that's a story that is not only funny, but absolutely unique — because me I wrote her. Or rather, she has written them. Because he finally refused to shoot the wild looter over the pile who has briefly beaten two more of my settlers naked with a machete. But I drift off.

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I bet with you, if you think about it, you will also remind you of the framework or particularly spectacular events from games with a solid story, but the moments that you consider particularly memorable are all likely to come from Sandbox Games, who played her together with your friends.

That's why we called you on Facebook to share your unique stories that you have experienced in games without real act — and you have answered us. Hundreds of comments gathered under the post, which made us easy to filter out 8 especially cool moments, who have experienced them in 7 different games. Have fun!


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