Blizzard Scandal: 6 Finance Minister from US

There is even more movement in the scandal at Activision Blizzard. Six State Treasurer switches on — and demand changes.

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The pressure on Bobby Kick and Activision Blizzard is growing. More changes are required — now even from governments from a total of 6 states in the USA. The State Treasurer from California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Delaware and Nevada want to talk to the Board of Directors (Board of Management) of Activision Blizzard this month. You want drastic changes.

What are State Treasurers ? The position of a state treasurer in the US is compare within wide parts with the tasks of a state financial minister in Germany as many areas of responsibility are similar. However, as some states are also investing in companies — such as shares — the State Treasurer in some cases also include as a shareholder and have an interest in the fact that it is fine, as pensions or pensions are financed.

What's going on at Activision Blizzard? For months, Activision Blizzard is in the middle of a great sexism and discrimination scandal. After the company initiated first steps to bring about improvements, it came shortly thereafter into a number of other negative headlines.

The boss of Blizzard left the company shortly after her appointment, as she felt worse than her male colleague.

Worse, even the current CEO Bobby Kick should not only know about the sexism incidents, but also actively participated in them and even threatened an employee with death. Since then, the allegations have become louder that Kick should resign immediately, and he moved to the focus of the reporting.

What happened now? The State Treasurer of 6 US States want to meet with the Executive Board of Activision Blizzard and until 20 December. They are concerned about the incidents and doubt that the company is currently on the right path to get the problems under control.

The magazine Axis has asked some questions in an article to the State Treasurer of Illinois, Michael French. This shows that one is concerned that the current CEO and the Executive Board Council has neither the necessary skills nor the will to tackle the major changes that it takes to change the corporate culture and the confidence of the employees and Investors to renew into their partners.

Furthermore, Deborah Goldberg, the State Treasurer of Massachusetts, that this particular case is waiting for the Executive Board Council to interlude and initiated an investigation. Coming from the outside. And, I mean, how was that, two weeks ago, they said [the board] that they are behind their CEO?

It also ensures additional pressure from the public.

Requirements for resignation are louder: Since an article by Washington Post, the demands for the resignation of Bobby Kick as CEO becomes louder. Not only part of the Staff of blizzards has demanded that, even well-known people like the bosses of PlayStation or Xbox, Kick has suggested a resignation.

Kick himself had put his resignation as an option in the room if he should not succeed in eliminating the problems of the company culture of Activision Blizzard within Short Time.

The pressure on Kick rises and by switching on the state treasurers is likely to increase the public pressure — especially from the USA — again significantly.

As soon as there are new developments to the whole case Activision Blizzard and Bobby Kick, we inform you of course about myself.


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