Dead by daylight is getting closer to the 50 million players

We have already had the opportunity to evoke the form and longevity of Dead by Daylight this year, but Behavior Interactive has just distributed new statistics to highlight the vitality of its asymmetric horror game.

After crossing the 20 million players in the spring 2020 and exceeded 36 million players in May 2021, Dead by Daylight now claims 48 million players. Firing acceleration that can be partially explained by the presence of the game in the Xbox Game Pass subscription and especially through the exit of mobile portage that is available for free since the spring 2020. In all cases, the game is more popular than Never and saw a record of 2 million players on a single day all platforms combined.

The results of GK Award 2021 are there!

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The Latin American market seems to be the subject of significant growth in judging by the number of statistics in this market. For example, you will know that the game has 3 million Spanish-speaking players from Latin American countries, including 760,000 Mexican players and 230,000 Chilean players. Behavior Interactive recently released Portrait of Murder, an original chapter that takes place in Chile. A team of 100 people worked on this chapter for more than 7 months. We also learn that the game gathered 100,000 players on the Epic Games Store on weekends. On Steam, remember that the game has recorded a record peak of 105,093 connected players simultaneously 6 months ago.

How I got 180 Million Bloodpoints on Dead by Daylight

The popularity of Dead by Daylight has allowed him to conclude large partnerships, including Stranger Things in 2019, Silent Hill in 2020 and Resident Evil EN 2021. You missed the information, the next of these partnerships is none other than Ring, the classic of Japanese literature and horror cinema. Sadat and its long hardened hair will land in the month of March 2022. The teaser below has already been viewed more than a million times in just a week. Popular, you were told.


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