Dune MMO from FUNCOM will not be a MMO game, only ordinary Survival?

Conan The Commerce is a make believe figure of Robert E. Howard, which took place in 1932 in a collection of fantasy stories in the Unusual Tales Publication. The figure was adjusted in other books, comics, films, TV series and computer games.

Dune Game - Will Funcom's upcoming Dune Survival MMO be any good? Fun Com has the right not only to the Universe Conan Barbarians, on the basis of which Age of Conan or Conan Exiles was established. The company can also create productions from the world of dunes (Dune) and one such projects is full MMO we mentioned. Fun com emphasized that it will be a lot of time before we hear something more about this game, but expectations are big. Especially that the first film has been warmly accepted and praised is for being a perfect prologue for a film series based on books.

Let's hope that Dune MMO also does not waste this potential, and it will be good. Fun com even established cooperation with the Nuclear studio, so that everything would be of the highest quality. The mentioned developers will help in creating MMO DIANA. It is also worth paying attention to something else — this production ceased to be called MMO, and nobody turns to her, as Online Multiplayer Survival Game, as this took place.

So now will Dune MMO be? It follows from press releases that Open-World Survival Game. Neither the word here about MMO nor even on the network elements. Nothing has been decided on this topic yet and this may only a matter of naming. Crimson Desert from Pearl Abyss also ceased to call yourself a MMO game. Apparently, Fun Com found that with a dune it is worth doing just as not to confuse players.

It remains to keep your fingers crossed so that this survival offer although the opportunity to play on the web. After these revelations, I would not be surprised if this whole dune was simply Conan Exiles, but greater and in another package. Prime Minister's date? Certainly not in 2022.


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