FIFA 22, POTM, the player of the month for November in the Premier League

As every month, EA is preparing to announce the name of the month's player (Poem of November) from the first League for the mode was FIFA 22. To make, FIFA offers the possibility to the fans to vote for one of the Many players preselected by the publisher. The vote of fans cash for part of the final result. The winning player will get a special card (receiving a boost) available via a DCE for a month.

The list of selected players for the Poem of the Premier League

For the month of November, EA has selected six players for this trophy. Here is no surprise with players from City and Liverpool like TAA, Iota, Cancel and Silva. For the shot, November could be a good month with that cards that would be meta if the boost is consistent, except perhaps Trent Alexander-Arnold that would require a big boost to really be interesting. Note that the 4 large cards already have special versions on FIFA 22.

For the moment, it is difficult to identify a favorite among the 6, many fans evoke TAA, Iota and Cancel on social networks.

You can vote on the official website of the competition (source in English) to influence the final result.

Selected Players

Final and DCE result for the Poem of the month of November

The final result will be unveiled next week (probably on Friday, December 10) and a team creation challenge (DCE) will be set up in the day to get a special POEM square for the winner. Obviously, you will find our cheap solution for this DCE immediately after the publication of this challenge on Apatosaurus.

In your opinion, who will be elected the player of the month (POEM) for November at the Premier League?

Poem and investment on was


The first League DCE are usually very expensive because many players invest on these challenges. Indeed, it is recommended to buy the first League players as regularly possible in order to sell them the day of the exit of the DCE.

If you discover the world of FIFA 22, do not hesitate to consult all of our guides was. You can also find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE).


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