Freiburg already takes Gladbach apart after 25 minutes

Whether Freiburg's coach Christian Stretch had painted a half-time score of 6: 0, as he founded his choice of the Leatherette with DAZN with his choice of the four-chain to unattractively want to hide in Playback, is rather unlikely. His team, in which after the 1: 2 in Bochum Demonic for Along stormed, the claim of the coach immediately put into action and overrun the Gladbacher defensive in passage one formally.

Freiburg ice-cold and in the noise

Already after two minutes Dagestan recalled a flank of a pity for early leadership. Another flank, this time from Günter, then suddenly headed a 2-0 (5.). The Russia, who played in Cologne Thu ram and Liner for Still and Herrmann compared to the 1: 4 derby sheet, was missing from the beginning of access to the two-fighting, while Freiburg played in a noise.

But the households were not only late in the dual fights, but also behaved more than insufficient after resting balls. The other four hits of the first half were all fell after a resting ball — and always the starting point of the fine foot of Gift was. First, Lien hart sided to the 3-0 (12th), short thereafter, Howler was also the head on the spot (19th) — and then it became historical: as a palaver with his right shoulder finished a header chamber, stood after 25 minutes a 0 : 5 on the scoreboard. Just as quickly, in the Bundesliga only one team had led, namely Playback himself, but at home at the 10-0 on Braunschweig 1984. Away, this feat was not a team yet.

Historic on the scoreboard in Russia Park. Imago images / team 2

Historically in the break

And there was a record for this: the chagrin of the Gladbacher came the Freiburg again a free kick again awarded before the break, the Schlotterbeck quite easy (37.). Six different scorers in half have never existed in the Bundesliga.

After half the dozen, Gladbachern wrote helplessness into the face. Although the Russia strives for more than two central degrees of Bavaria (34.) and One (42nd) did not jump out.

In passing two Freiburg clearly took the foot of the accelerator pedal and dosed the trips into the last offensive third. The main focus was more in the defensive and the stand still very safe. However, the Gladbachern lacked simply the penetration force to crack the Brasher defensive latch.

Hole on the Torch

Also in the final phase, the guests had the better chances, Hole met after seeing volley removal only the Torch (72nd). Playback showed himself in half two while improving, the honor hit remained the foal nevertheless denied: Hoffmann's external network hits was still the most dangerous action (73rd).

Curious series ends

In a game full of records also ended a curious series: in previously 26 meetings between the two teams always won the Homeric — this time not. For the Freiburg was the 6-0 also the first victory after last three defeats in a piece. For Playback it is the second bankruptcy in series — with a total of ten goals.

For the Gladbacher we continue the next Saturday (15.30 clock) with the away game in Leipzig, Freiburg has parallel to the TSG Cofferdam a guest.


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