Handball Bundesliga: Stuttgart gives rise to air in the basement

The acrobatics and sporting activities club green-white thanks minded e. V. (short TSV God Minded, God Minded or GOD) is a sporting activities club from the Eastern Westphalian City Minded in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is primarily known by the success of his handball department. The game procedure of the Bundesliga team, which belongs under the after that name TSV green-white thank you to the starting members and also is presently playing in the Handball Bundesliga, is outsourced to GOD Minded Handball-Bundesliga GmbH & Co. KG. In the eternal Bundesliga table, she presently occupies the 8th location. The variety of participants totals up to 746. Curiously the club remained in all nationwide play courses made by the German Handball Organization or single-tracked top quality in the men's location.

On Thursday there was a 35:31 (20:15) -Easier via TSV GOD Minded. With 9:17 points, the team improved coach ROI Sanchez on the 14th place in the table. Minded remains severed rear with now 2:26 meters.

As the away win against HC Erlangen Stuttgart also found against Minded outstanding in the game. In the seventh minute of the TV Bled the marvelous Alexander Schulz already with 5: 0th As a result, the Swabians, who are now unbeaten in their last three games in series dominated the game clear.

In Saxony since no spectators are currently approved, the SC had Dark Leipzig at 31:24 (16:15) against HOW Balingen-Weilstetten behind closed doors to take. The injury-guests said good to the 18:19 (37th). With a 4: 0 run for 23:18 (42nd) scored the Leipzig for the preliminary decision.

The SG Regular celebrated a 27:24 (13:12) -Auswärtserfolg the HC Erlangen and improved with 15:13 points in sixth place.

SC Dark Leipzig — HOW BALINGEN-WEILSTETTEN 31:24 (16:15)

Roi Sánchez wird neuer TVB-Trainer || TVB Stuttgart

gates to Leipzig: Wiesbaden Mach 7, connector 4, Civic 4, Magic 4, Milosevic 3, Sunnefeldt 3, JO TIC 2, Ernst 1, Krzikalla 1/1, Remake 1, Withe 1 gates to Balingen-Weilstetten: Tengelmann 5, Intel 4, Bemire 3, Living 3/1, Sch och 3, Scott 3, Track 2, Huber 1 Referee: Julian Fete (Berlin) / Niels Heinrich (Berlin) penalty minutes: 8/8 Disqualification: / -

TV Stuttgart — TSV GOD Minded 35:31 (20:15)

goals for Stuttgart: V. Kristiansen 6/3, Long 6, Janusz 5, 4 Shuttle, Peshevski 3, Schulz 3, Augustinussen 2, Pfattheicher 2, Larsson 2, Viewer 2/1 gates to Minded: Urban 7/2, STAAR 6, Music 4, Forte 4, Shutoff 3, Harmful 2, Jane 2, Thieve 2, Green 1 Referee: Sasha Schmidt (Bochum) / Frederic linker (Bochum) penalty minutes: 14/16 Disqualification: / -

HC Erlangen — SG Regular 24:27 (12:13)

doors to Erlangen: Bessel 5, Model 5, Steiner 5/3, Lesson 4, p Inhaler 1, Faith 1, N. Link 1, Michel 1, Overly 1 gates to Regular: Rubin 6, box 5, Favor 4, Holst 3/3, Millard 2, Fall 2, Weissgerberstrasse 2, Manner 1, For sell Schubert 1, Fredrickson 1 Referee: Julian Koppel (Darmstadt) / Denis Tegnér (Nieder-Olm) penalty minutes: 8/4 Disqualification: /


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