NEW WORLD: When is the big update 1.2?

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At the beginning of this month, Amazon Game Studios brought back the PTR servers for New World again. At the same time there was a first outlook The extensive update 1.2, which should appear in the course of December. But so far, there is a lack of any more concrete track on the live servers. We collect the hints for you.

Does the update 1.2 on 14 December 2021?

According to the information on the PTR server, it was until recently, the S should actually fall on December 14 the starting signal for the large winter event in New World, which was suspected as part of the update 1.2. Accordingly, it would have to start in the course of today's Tuesday.

So far, however, there is no corresponding announcement by Amazon Game Studios. Normally, the developer team announces shortly before the publication of an update, when are shut down the live servers for maintenance. Even the patch notes are often known. Both, however, is up-to-date.

Does it come to a release delay?

A publication on a Tuesday would be a bit strange anyway, as the updates for New World (Buy Now €39.99) have always been published on a Wednesday or Thursday since the launch in September this year. It could therefore be quite well that the update 1.2 only appears on 15 or 16 December.

It is also in the area of ​​the possible that Amazon Game Studios takes a little longer time due to the feedback from the PTR tests and the update will only be launched in the next week (21st December). In the official forum, it is only:

Information from the PTR patch notes can change. As soon as we have an announcement for a coming patch, you will find them in the official news section.

What do you expect in Update 1.2 for New World?

According to the previous information, the developers have planned a lot for the great December update away from the winter event. Among other things, ice caves should appear in different places of Sternum. Furthermore, there will be a new quest series that turns around the Housing. There are also changes to the Watermark system, plaster as new raw materials and rewards for particularly hardworking crater.

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