NEW WORLD: Will Amazon have to move the release of the MMO?

Since its launch in September of this year New World is hardly out of the negative headlines. Again and again, the online role-playing game has to deal with problems. This ranges from technical obstacles, numerous dupe bugs to exploit and similar annoying issues, all of which have not helped improve the mood.

Would have a later release of the MMO's the situation may significantly improve? Amazon Game Studios now expressed.

If a release shift for New World have been better?

In a detailed interview with the colleagues of, the relevant Game Director Scott Lane was a whole series of questions. This also came up for discussion whether it would not have been good to face New World when the team had decided a further shift.

That would give the developers more time to find dupe bugs and other errors and ultimately eliminate. The answer is quite interesting:

This is difficult, we have also spoken internally lot recently The thing is:... We knew until shortly after the launch anything from the exploits and the dupe problems Therefore, a further shift would have in this regard not help.

I Spoke With Amazon Games About New World Part 2 (Mounts, Weapons, Instruments, Future Content)

Thus, Amazon Game Studios had — just like the players — after the launch of the New World (now Buy €39.99) learn about the dupe bugs and exploits. A longer development time would at least not have been conducive to that point.

As the team is the criticism of the lack of content?

Many fans criticize New World continues the lack of content, which would have a negative impact especially in the endgame. Regarding the story to their statements, according to does little also right. But in this regard the team of Amazon Game Studios will very soon make improvements.

In the future we want to continue to improve our storytelling and add new content, the focus will be on the Midgame and Endgame. Players will see new types of quests in the new updates in which we want to invest in the foreseeable future. We have planned for our PVP players also some good things. We look forward to revealing this regard soon more.

Amazon Game Studios has therefore set itself a lot for the next months and is working on some new content and improvements for New World.


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