Ninjala seasonal content and revealed characters bonus

Ninja la, the next multiplayer action game with eight players from Gulf Online Entertainment, revealed today that the game will receive regular seasonal content as part of a continuous update plan.

In the third newspaper of the developers published by the Japanese company, the future fans received more details on the additional content that will come after the release of the game. As Fortnite and Destiny 2, ninja la the seasons will take place every eight to 10 weeks. New additions for each season will include new weapons, stages and gaming features to improve its performance.

A Season Pass will also be available for purchase that will provide incentives throughout each update. The Season Pass will contain levels — from one to 100, like other games with similar models — and will offer various rewards for performing specific tasks during the season.

GUNSHOT ONLINE POWER-UPS Detailed characters that will also be available in the game. Players will have the opportunity to take advantage of their Ninja skills by equipping passive skills or what the team calls rubber bottles.

Ninjala Season 8 + Ninjala pass To improve a skill, players will need a Shinobi card and Ninja — acquired medals by playing online games — and equip those that match their game style. There is no word about the number Cards or medals that you are also limited, so it seems worth playing as many games as possible to win different.

GUNSHOT ONLINE showed an example of a skill, called Sudden Burst during the development newspaper. This allows you to activate S-Burst once, even if your gauge is exhausted or is weak. The ninja medals also allow you to unlock what is called the assistance codes, which further reinforce the cards.

Ninja la will be released on Nintendo Switch on May 27th in the Western markets and May 28 in Japan. An open beta will take place on Tuesday, April 28 so that interested players can find missing bugs.


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