Ottawa Games decides to steal the spotlight on local video games

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DUCKTALES Treasure Challenge! GANG BEASTS vs. FGTEEV Hot Dog!  Part 2 w/ Chase & Shawn

When people think about video games in Canada, they can think of Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto. But there is a community of players in Ottawa, the Canadian capital. And there are some who want to put this under the spotlight, not just for the press, but for local gatherings.

Currently, the website has a calendar, lists the developers of the region and offers a resource page for those who want to train in the field of play and connect with organizations from the Ottawa region.

It's small, but it makes sense because the site is only managed by four volunteers for the moment — Paige Marina, Mathieu O'Brien, Scott Miley and Tirane Dormer. But there is a hope that it develops over the next few years, as this highlights what happens in the players' community, even if it seems to be mainly independent developers right now.

Paige Marina, one of the volunteers involved, explained why the Ottawa Games were created. Ottawa is a city full of talent and love for games. There are so many people here who work on interesting and friendly projects — from the artistic to grandiose through the unusual. We wanted to create a space to help present their work to a broader audience, to present all incredible events that occur in the community and to provide resources to those wishing to get involved.

O'Brien Mathieu, another volunteer, added to this by saying, When people think about games in Canada, they think about Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. We also wanted to highlight the incredible talent that comes out of the capital. It seems that there are independent studios and developers in the region, and they should not be neglected.

For those interested in Ottawa Games events (there are currently Dirty Rectangles, Game Jams and various other expected events) or simply at Ottawa Games in general, it can be found on their site, or on their twitter.


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