Streich-Jubilee: Many people are very good to me

Behind Christian Stretch lies an exciting first round. First of the historically Best Freiburg season start: ten lots without defeat. The farewell from the iconic Dreifstadion, a 6-0 in Playback and third parties with Freiburg even on Champions League course.

Prank is known for expressing his opinion to almost all questions. Finally, he did not answer with the request for understanding but not more often if it was for Qatar, investors in England or political decisions for the PTH time. He likes to talk about football, the SC, his work and life as a coach. Above all, it's about this jubilee talk.

Mr. Stretch, were you enrolled in six or seven years?

With six, I was born in June.

So they were one of the younger ones in the class. How was it?

One realized that I was one of the younger ones. I still know that some were continued in certain developments. I was also small and more tense.

In the meantime, they are in the imaginary class of the 18 Bundesliga coach, in which they're sitting with a large distance along the longest, also the eldest. Do you miss colleagues like Fried helm Funnel or Lucien Favre?

You miss them because we played a few times against each other and I already know these coaches in part when I saw them earlier as a player. The Fried helm with Herding or Kaiserslautern, as she won against Real Madrid. I saw Lucien as a young guy in Switzerland when he played against Basel. These are very nice memories.

Do you sometimes feel old over the young colleagues or still at eye level?

I'm practically older, but do not feel old. It's nice to meet young colleagues and to measure themselves with them.

Do you create the aging, physically or mentally?

Physically yes, I sometimes have problems running because of donors. In the past, you unfortunately have taken out a meniscus quickly. Of course, you realize in the head that you get older, and I'm not 36 more. But with 56 I'm not that old yet, it's okay.

If you see that Julian Nagelsmann may have for another 30 years in this job, you are glad to have entered the head coach business with 46?

It has aroused that I did not assume that it happens at all. I thought rather, I stay in the youth. Therefore, it was probably the way as it came and that it did not start earlier.

Bavaria coach Julian Nagelsmann and Christian Stretch. Imago Images / Philippe Ruiz

You have told the 100th anniversary of the Streich that you appreciate the coach interviews very much, especially with colleagues active abroad. What interests you most?

What you tell about your personal experiences what you have moved, what you noticed is what you are important. It's nice then if you do not feel, only phrases are served and the journalist asks interesting questions that the coach can give interesting answers. It is often dependent on those who consider the questions regarding whether a conversation occurs at all. That's interesting for the reader. It is difficult if only the questions that stand on the note are processed in succession.

You have right and thus charming the pressure increases, and yet I would like to give the next question from the slip of the note to find out what has moved in the ten years: work differently than to start?

Yes, in some areas we work in the coaching team different, some things have remained, or we have changed exercises again and again very easily, and after ten years they are very different.

Are their sponsors always spontaneously from the stomach or have they trained rhetorically over the years, be inspired by other people?

I watch, above all, and to people from the artistic field. Conductors at a concert, or what happens at a dance. It all hangs with the football for me because I can see very many parallels. I had great encounters, such as the actor Matthias Brandt or other people who can give a lot to one by their stories. But I have family, with whom I want to spend time, and time is limited.

Have the requirements of Chief Trainer changed?

Not essential for me, in other clubs, it may be different. Now we have to see how it goes on, because we as a club grow yes, and in the ten years we have already grown correctly.

Chef trainer are also in demand in public relations. How did this area develop?

Medial is in Freiburg usually not that busy, that has not changed so mad, I think. Sometimes you know it no longer as accurate as it was ten years ago. I'm in the daily process and does not reflect really what was ten years ago.

What do you know for sure: After your first six months of you have experienced with Dortmund once another master. Your era is dominated by Bavaria dominance. Tired of?

It is a pity that it was not more exciting, that's for sure, because that's a monopoly. Bavaria has the developed athletic, so it has its place. But it would be nicer if someone else master would be to ensure that the competition is even rekindled in another respect — for the spectators.

What is the biggest footballing change in ten years?

The pace is even more times higher, athletics is more important. Tactically extent that several teams play multiple systems that was less a decade ago. By young coach a dynamics came in, thus the demands have increased, also for the players. Now we no longer know necessarily how the opponent plays. Except Bavaria which something because they are individually as well change infrequently.

They have become quiet on the sidelines. Is the increased composure or even physical toll?

All the above combined. It is quiet in some situations and has only certain resources. But it is clear that I have become calmer. You have observed?


Interestingly, there are many others do not see.

Your emotional outbursts have become less frequent, but they are still there, and then they are usually in focus.

But the difference is obvious compared to five, six or seven years. Some people get the drawer not just more, but that does not matter, it does not matter, is normal. Once again what happens is naturally appears in the summaries.

It is therefore to emphasize important to you that you have become quiet?

Yes, because I always find very important that things are mapped as they actually take place.

the handling of the coach seats has generally changed because is increasingly filmed and recorded?

99 percent of it is with coaching colleagues totally good. I think it's very important that you look in the emotion and can even clearly say the opinion that if a place that was a foul, and the other not.

If Max would say to me in the game 'Shut up', it is for me felt like 'Shut up'.

Christian Stretch

Last time you could see and hear Playback sporting director Max Ebert got up from the bench and his Bertha colleagues Are Friedrich shouted: Shut up, Are! How narrow is the line between football typical handling and misguided role model?

Which is narrow. If you get shot all the time, come with an in the emotion during a football game just things to light that or are not always socially compliant appropriate, how was actually raised, namely, that one should always be decent. The important thing is that we speak and after the game together apologizes when a something is slipped out, and then it should be good. Based on the example, if the Max would say to me in the game Shut up, it is for me felt like Be quiet.

Especially with the ghost games, the spectators could hear much. Have you taken the pandemic conditions in between the joy?

No. Many things were difficult, but we were allowed after the brief interruption train and play. That was nice, and we really have appreciated.

You once referred to the cabin as a last retreat from the public. In documentation be more and more coaches and clubs exclusive insight into this sanctuary. Although you reject it? Take a look and then want to know how and what it has discussed, for example, Hans Flick with the Bayern team

I do not look it. But that makes some colleagues in the coach office, and then tell you about the one or the other scene. Great coach at big clubs have the cabin opened a few years ago, at that time I knew where to go. Pandora's box has been opened.


Obviously, the urge is great, everything disclosed so that more money come in. Or it serves the need to present itself. Some clubs new coach with the entry are already committed almost to join something.

Can you guarantee that the SC-cabin under the head coach Christian Stretch remains taboo?

No, I can not do that.

You could say that, or I stop.

Then I would have to stop my job and football because it is Uses and pressure arises to clean cameras?

That could be a red line for you.

That could be a red line, I ask them, but how did they find the idea to open the cabin?

The US professional port in many aspects had great influence on such developments.

But he does not interest me. Otherwise, we could make it right so that someone can buy the Sc Freiburg, and if he has a buck, then he moves to Hamburg and takes the SC Freiburg with. That makes those in America too.

Fortunately, such a development is not distinguished in Europe, and against a cabin opening, they could defend themselves.

If everything should be opened, then it should be like that. I little person will be able to change zero common.

already in your club.

It would have given only one way: if the great trainers in England who started doing no. Then you could have been closed together. But there is no interest in it.

But they would not have to join. Again: Is it a red line for you or then okay?

No, it's not ok for me. I find it extremely a pity, but obviously there are many great.

I want to go to the cabin and know, the Nils squatted, as Christian, here we are among us and can discuss problems.

Christian Stretch

So you will do a lot for it that the SC Freiburg does not have a documentary document with cabin view?

Yes, because the last room of intimacy is extremely valuable. Not because we want to keep some secret, or I'm afraid of something. We are only protected in very few moments. I want to go to the cabin and know, the Nils squatted, as Christian, here we are among us and can discuss problems. We are already so many people, 30, 40 in a very small room. That does not require too much to have such room still.

They said in their early days, they also make this job from vanity to get recognition for the services. For years, the compliments have only been flying around the ears. Did the vanity subside?

They do not fly me around the ears.

But they get relatively many compliments, remarkably also of responsible and fans of competition.

Yes, many people are very good to me.

has therefore subsided the vanity?

I do not think so.

Are you addicted to recognition?

That can be good that one is also addictive. It's about it: If you are long coach in one place, which are a few, you will be recognized, even because you can see ten years on TV and in the media. There are connections created, with us in the positive sense. But there is also a lot in one interpreted, and thus not so easy to handle.

Are you the whole praise for you and the SC sometimes scary?

There are reasons why it has run well in recent years, respectively decades, so in front of me. That's what people see, and it's nice if you praise a praise. But it is not always easy to handle it if you are in focus as a person. Sometimes you get lifted on a podium, but that can also be shaky, and you can crash deep from there. That's the risk.

Do you have worried about it?

No, but it would be much better if I was less focused. If you are a public person, you never have a very quiet pulse. At least I do not, because, for example, I never want to forget someone in the good day say. This is also exhausting and smart. You have to be careful what to say, where I do not care insanely, what I say — fortunately. But probably I also take care of more and more. The spotlight is still sometimes strange and dealing with media and expectations is not uncomplicated.

Intensive exchange: Christian prank in conversation with Streich reporter Carsten Schröter-Lorenz. AK

You mean to stay faithful?

Yes, to true your own line. If you make the ten years in the same club, people always hear the same thing you want to tell, but also want something else. There are abrasion processes, it is also normal that there is also the yearning for a new face, something else, because then you can do new stories again.

But there are still no signs that people are looking for a successor for them. On the contrary. Does that lead to you that you are working in the compliments and a little less?

Marioo x Jovial - Amor (Official Lyrics Video)

But I'm not the guy, but of course there are different phases. I feel synonymous smokepinel when I am praised, but try to classify it. I am most happy when you are praised because the team kicks well. For me, there were many stories in the meantime, because I like to answer journalists, even if there is no football in their questions. But you have to be careful that it does not go into the endless. You could say we're talking about sports now, but it is also boring and unfair to the journalists. You want to do justice, but must set guidelines. The professional sport is therefore so popular because people are interested in the protagonists. So it is, I'm so synonymous, it is transported so, but it is therefore very complex. Interview: Carsten Schröter-Lorenz Read on Thursday the second part of the interview.


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