War Troy presents new factions and new heroes

Total War is a collection of computer game from the franchise business of the same name belonging to SEGA and created by Innovative Setting up on PC. The majority of video games in the collection incorporate turn-based technique aspects as well as in actual time throughout battles.

The horns of the fight resonate again while two new factions are fighting for Trojan horses in Total War: Troy. Two new epic heroes of the Iliad, Rhesus and Demon, were announced as the next generals to join the game. Each hero arrives at the head of two new factions in combat. Each faction comes with a multitude of new units and campaign mechanisms. Mechanisms that will certainly change your way of combating the Trojan war.

Rhesus, the King of Thrace, and his Hood phrases of battles introduce two new mechanics of play. The Total War team described them in a FAQ, blog article on the two new factions. The mechanics of King Rhesus focuses on the union of tribes Traces and its religious power. This gives it access to what Total War describes as powerful armies to ravage the country of eternal enemies.

Rhesus & Memnon Announce Trailer | A Total War Saga: TROY

The new rhesus units focus on the powerful therapy tanks and introduce a multitude of support units. So for those of you who like the units of tanks, excite yourself because according to Total War, The Thracians are renowned for their tanks, so the list of rhesus includes five units of tanks.

Unlike the forces of the Traces, Total War explains that the armies of Demon focus more on the war of hordes. Demon introduces even more new mechanics in an army of Horde style, including royal decrees of Pharaoh. The List of Demon introduces the possibility of buying distant land units.

Total War also clearly indicates that the release of these heroes has free content. They specify that with the DLC, they will also introduce six new features, aimed at improving governance and strategic experience.

All the island trade to the abandonment of a settlement now exists with this DLC for free.

The DLC Rhesus and Demon will be available on December 14th and will cost $9.99.

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