Warzone Pacific: Caldera Bunker Door & Easter Egg Hatch Locations

Here are every one of the areas for Caldera's bunker door and secret hatches in the new War zone Pacific map!.

War zone's brand-new Pacific map has just gotten here and gamers are still checking out whatever Caldera needs to offer. There are a couple of secrets to find also!

When you've checked out all the locations in Caldera, you'll certainly intend to discover some tricks in the map.

Not only have players already located a bunker door in Caldera, yet there are a lot of mysterious hatches across the island too. Right here's where you can discover them!

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War zone Pacific: Caldera Bunker Area.

War zone gamers have already discovered the ideal loot place in Caldera, yet there may be another one coming extremely soon.

Those aware of Verdant will understand all the loot that is stored in War zone shelters. One more among these shelters has been discovered in Caldera also.

This lies in the West high cliff of top as well as has a keypad, like previous shelters. Nevertheless, you can't activate this keypad yet.

Hopefully, players will discover a way to open it soon.

This isn't the only unusual area in Caldera however-- along with the bunker, there are a lot of mysterious hatches!

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War zone Pacific: Caldera Trick Hatch Locations.

These are all the places of the secret hatches in Caldera that we understand of so much, courtesy geeky Pastimes..


The first hatch is concealed under plants, behind some outdoors tents in Damages.


Alongside a hut in the East of Lagoon.

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This hatch is to the South of Toolbox.


Up on a hillside to the West of Phosphate Mines.

Landing strip.

North-East of Landing field, in the center of some trees.

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Nuclear power plant.

The hardest hatch to locate in Caldera, this lies behind a falls right next to Nuclear power plant.


There is additionally a hatch right at the facility of Height, inside the cavern.


Just South of Docks, next to a vehicle.

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Behind two huge silos in Fields.



In the South-East of Beachhead, alongside some outdoors tents.


This hatch lies North-West of Resort. It gets on a tiny hillside just North of a fishpond.

Below Pen.

Finally, there is likewise a strange hatch simply to the North of the Caldera Sub Pen.

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Expect the shelter to open up and also even more of these hatches to be discovered throughout Caldera soon as players reach discover the brand-new War zone Pacific map even more. Ideally, we locate our what they do soon also!

Meanwhile, if you're delving into Caldera, you'll want to make use of these setups:.

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