Is this a future game environment? Laser `gaming desk` released

The laser has been released many chromatic gaming products such as mouse, headset, keyboard, with universal devices such as masks, straws, gums, and drinks. These lasers have released a 'gaming desk' through the US Maximum Electricity Exhibition CES 2022.

The name of the gaming desk is 'Project Sophia', and is the concept product in the experimental steps yet. It looks like a wide desk with a monitor with a desk name, and an OLED monitor, CPU, and GPU are equipped. Strictly, it is close to a gaming PC that looks like a desk rather than a gaming desk. When laser, lighting that can not be lost is mounted on the desk edge.

The part of the eye is customized. The desk itself is divided into several sections, and it can be assembled in context and taste by putting the parts required for each part. Parts are up to 13 species. Surround audio controller, CPU temperature, etc. Measure the system monitoring, a media controller, a media controller, which allows you to adjust the system or capable of setting the program or functionality that you want to set the program or function, A touch screen digitizer (a computer input device that is moved to a PC), an audio mixer, an external capture board, and the like, a computer input device moved to a PC, such as a secondary screen, a dedicated pen and a wheel.

CES 2022 RAZER Gaming Desk Concept! - Razer USA Ltd. Booth

It is a laser that it is a laser that it is easy to view the device that we introduced earlier, easy to view, and build efficient gaming or work environment at a glance. The laser presented examples in accordance with four types of gamers, content creators, personal broadcasters, and telecommuting. A gamer may place a shortcut key that stores a sound controller, system monitoring, and a skill that frequently written in the game. If a private broadcasting host, a secondary screen that can see viewers chat, a dedicated controller that adjusts the main programs and audio functions used when broadcasting. In addition, the laser also released a dedicated cam and microphone that could be used with a desk aimed at personal broadcasters.

The desk top plate is glass, and each part is fitted according to the pine groove under the desk. The magnet can be embedded and securely fixed, and the part is replaced with the flock. This desk includes the latest Intel CPU and the NVIDIA GPU, which is also a magnet attached to the desk, and it is a description of the laser that the PC upgrade can be easily changed. Just as I said, I did not disclose specific release and prices because I was an experimental product that shows a kind of vision.

In addition, the laser revealed a number of new products. First, Gaming Chairs 'ENI Pro Hypersense' has a built-in haptic feedback that delivers vibration to the game and play. FORA Horizon 5, Assassin's Creed: Supports more than 2,200 games such as foot. Then, the Limited Edition Gaming Smartwatch Laser X Paris Gen 6 (Racer X Fossil Gen 6), which is a limited edition to collaborate with the American watch brand (FOSSIL), was planned for the purpose of encouraging the healthy life of gamers, Support. Finally, a gaming mask that has built-in microphone was also released.


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