Two additional planets to come in 2022 in the Universe de Fractured

As many other developers currently, the Italian Dynamic Independent Studio takes advantage of this beginning of the year to take stock of 2021 and sketch its roadmap for 2022.

fundraising in 2021

We remember, last year was rich for Fractured, the studio MMORPG: two phases of alpha were organized (one in spring, the other in autumn), with each lot of content additions. In the spring, the game took advantage of the improvement of the system of players' cities and a graphic update; In autumn, it is the cited seats, global events or the equipment system that has been added.

For Dynamic, the past year was mainly marked by fundraising, one at the beginning of the year and another with Amigo which now has to edit Fractured, with the promise of an acceleration of the Development — The future will say that the price was worth the candle.

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Two additional worlds in 2022

And these additional funds must ultimately allow the launch of a beta on servers accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week (instead of punctual alpha), with an wipe only for the commercial launch of Fractured — subject to possible technical constraints.

This supplementary budget is also the promise of new features: the studio mentions the seasons' system, the addition of religions at stake, but also mechanics for the guilds. In the studio roadmap, we mainly hold the addition of a second continent (Nordic, this time) on the world of Synthesia (the first planet of the world of play) and the addition of Two additional worlds. As we know, Fractured intends to rely on three planets: Synthesia, the planet of humans (already playable); Arboreal, that of Wild folk, men-animals who live in harmony with nature and have a lifestyle (and a gameplay) rather pacifist; And finally Tartars, the planet of demons with bellicose and aggressive behavior (for PVP lovers and more brutal game experiences). During the year, the studio hopes to deploy the first continents of these two new planets. In the long term, the Universe of Fractured should therefore offer three planets, with its three specific play styles, and their confrontations.

Incidentally, Fractured should also enjoy a location in several languages ​​(including French). So many elements to discover more concretely in the weeks and months to come.


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