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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero confirma a Goten y Trunks adolescentes

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the next movie of the series we will see during the next few months. The premiere in Japan is set for April 22 and during the Dragon Ball Battle Hour 2022 event hUnited States been confirmed that in the United States it will do the same in summer. In addition, the transmission hUnited States left us a very expected news by the fans of the license: The presence of Goten and Trunks in its teenage stage . The bluish tone of Trunks' hair is striking, very similar to that of the alternative future version of him in Dragon Ball Super. What is the movie about? Android 21 Lab Coat arrives at Dragon Ball Fighterz What is the movie about? Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will show us so much to Gohan and Piccolo United States main characters of the plot, being piccolo the mentor of bread , United States he did At the time with Son Goku's son, at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. All this to deal with the threat posed by the resurgence of the red

Game Developer in an interview: Dynamight Studios Jacopo Gallelli tells about the new Ultoed MMO

Still in the test phase, the open world sandbox game Fractured Online focuses on players' ability to be who they want, in what kind of world want. The founder and CEO of the Dynamight Studios, developed by the game Jacopo Gallelli jumped with remote interview with the consolefin to open a bit of both personal and studio background. Jacopo Gallelli's road to game developer is not the most typical. He laughs at the background to be one, which surprises most players. "I am in my education economist, but I fell in love with game engineering. I work in a game designer with a few projects with other companies I moved back to Italy and set up my own company," Gallelli says. Thus, Dynamight Studios were born, whose gallelli was founded together with their two friends. "We studied in one university, we worked on separate games, and finally found each other again to create Dynamight Studios." Members of the new Studio enjoy all massive multi-player online g

Shreded Islands is available today until March 3

Last updated there is February 18, 2022 The first Adventure extension of Sea of ​​Thieves, Shreded Islands, has just started today. The rare developer revealed that it will not be available for the players' public only from today until March 3rd. The first adventure will have three chapters. As expected, the extension will extend the history of the pirate game. Fortunately for fans, Sea of ​​Thieves: Shreded Islands will be free as part of an update that will occupy 6 GB at 9 GB of space, depending on the platform used. Each of the adventures will be available for players every month for two weeks. Sea of ​​Thieves: Shreded Islands will see the players start their journey from the outpost of the Golden Sands. They will have to make their way through abandoned islands engulfed in a kind of "_ebrime ethereal." By exploring the world of Sea of ​​Thieves: Shreded Islands, they will have to reach battles, discover secrets and win new rewards. " Alors that Shreded

Steam: Action-RPG wants to tell you what a person you really are

A cute indie game wants to be a personality test at the same time. The game is currently for steam and consoles in the making. What is known about the promising action rpg, you will learn here. Indie game Mix Personality Test with Action RPG When will freeride appear? Indie game Mix Personality Test with Action RPG This game should definitely be in mind when your personality test and games with different ends likes: freeride. The game was appointed winner of the past "Pitch Ya Game Awards" , which are tied twice a year the most promising indie titles that are still in development. What makes the game so special is his wilder mix between personality test and action-rpg. Freeride wants to explicit players not explicitly when they make a decision that influences the final result. Instead, you should be able to explore the magical world of freeride on your own foot, the ghosts you inhabit you, and fight opponents. The calculation of your character happens by the way,

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Does an employee betray the appointment?

For fans of Star Wars 2022 becomes an exciting year. Just follow the last consequences of the book of Boba Fat for one or the other joy of joys, as well as Star Wars: Andor announced a complex prequel series. In addition to the second season of The Bad Batch, the third season of the Mandalorian is also on the way (but maybe only 2023 appears). However, the highlight this year could become the long-awaited Star Wars Series Obi-Wan Kenobi, which still has no official appointment. Some believe that the sixth divider could start in May 2022 - the 4th of May is under fans as "Star Wars Day", an unofficial holiday. With this guess you could even be right: on Twitter, the Disney Employee Brandon Sangiovanni, who works as a manager for the Disney Plus service, spreads an interesting news: "Our Obi Wan will say at Disney + 'Hello, There'... May 2022. " Little surprisingly, the Tweet was deleted shortly thereafter, and Sangiovannis Twitter account is no longer pub

Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance Live, Published patch notes

Bands of the apex season 12 Delay Now it's live in the game, and the fans have a lot to wait! The new season presents a new legend in the shape of Mad Maggie, as well as a new limited time mode 9v9 called control. These additions will probably be the most exciting part of today's update, but Respawn Entertainment also added a series of error corrections, changes in quality of life and other improvements. Hopefully, these changes will make the experience more balanced in general. Complete notes of game patch. Official website can be found below: Patch notes Balance of weapons and equipment Rotation of supply drop Salts. Triple takes Flat line VK-47 Albert LMG (revision) fully equipped rotation Weapons in the elaboration Elaboration Correction of errors and quality of life Updates of private matches Patch notes Balance of legends crypto Drone View HUD and other quality of life updates: The state of the game was added (e.g., ring information, round timers), minimal, deat