Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero confirma a Goten y Trunks adolescentes

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the next movie of the series we will see during the next few months. The premiere in Japan is set for April 22 and during the Dragon Ball Battle Hour 2022 event hUnited States been confirmed that in the United States it will do the same in summer. In addition, the transmission hUnited States left us a very expected news by the fans of the license: The presence of Goten and Trunks in its teenage stage . The bluish tone of Trunks' hair is striking, very similar to that of the alternative future version of him in Dragon Ball Super.

What is the movie about?

TEEN GOTEN & TRUNKS CONFIRMED FOR DRAGON BALL SUPER SUPER HERO!!! Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will show us so much to Gohan and Piccolo United States main characters of the plot, being piccolo the mentor of bread , United States he did At the time with Son Goku's son, at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. All this to deal with the threat posed by the resurgence of the red ribbon army **, an evil group to which Goku himself hUnited States already achieved Stop your feet in the pUnited Statest, and that will now try to compromise the future of the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Android 21 Lab Coat arrives at Dragon Ball Fighterz

During the Dragon Ball Battle Hour 2022, something important hUnited States also been confirmed for the fight title of Arc System Works: the inclusion of the Android 21 in its version Lab Coat, which will arrive in the coming days. It is a character "accessible for any type of player", according to the words of the Game Producer, Tomoko Hiroki. You can check the details and see it in action on the following Link.

The premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will take place the next April 22 in Japan . In the United States it will be in summer, while in Spain we still have to wait to know the exact date.


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