Game Developer in an interview: Dynamight Studios Jacopo Gallelli tells about the new Ultoed MMO

Still in the test phase, the open world sandbox game Fractured Online focuses on players' ability to be who they want, in what kind of world want. The founder and CEO of the Dynamight Studios, developed by the game Jacopo Gallelli jumped with remote interview with the consolefin to open a bit of both personal and studio background.

Jacopo Gallelli's road to game developer is not the most typical. He laughs at the background to be one, which surprises most players.

"I am in my education economist, but I fell in love with game engineering. I work in a game designer with a few projects with other companies I moved back to Italy and set up my own company," Gallelli says.

Thus, Dynamight Studios were born, whose gallelli was founded together with their two friends.

"We studied in one university, we worked on separate games, and finally found each other again to create Dynamight Studios."

Members of the new Studio enjoy all massive multi-player online games enormously. Following noted that the sandbox-MMO game has not had a very much choice, and in practice no isometric title, the team decided to create such. Their prisoned goal was to expand beyond traditional MMORPG audiences and bring something new to the table.

Galletlli says Fractured OnLinen Work was fun for all team members. The making of prototypes started already in 2017, and for this year, there may already be a full publication. According to the developer, tuning the Unity engine to support large open worlds has been a challenging task. The background system is based on a Spatialos world building platform that allows you to host tens of thousands of simultaneous users in the same interactive universe.

Dynamight Studios are currently focusing on fractured onlinen beta testing and gathering feedback from players. The publication line is desired to get as well as possible with the prospective and ready-made material.

Interviewing For Game Design "After the release, we expect our potential to begin to add content related to the game of kickstarter campaign," gallelli will be enthusiastic about dreaming.

Jacopo Gallelli

Dynamight Studios and Fractured Onlineen can get to know more about the official website of the game. There is also a planning competition for parents and labels, which may be part of the Discord server until March 11.


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