Steam: Action-RPG wants to tell you what a person you really are

A cute indie game wants to be a personality test at the same time. The game is currently for steam and consoles in the making. What is known about the promising action rpg, you will learn here.

Indie game Mix Personality Test with Action RPG

This game should definitely be in mind when your personality test and games with different ends likes: freeride. The game was appointed winner of the past "Pitch Ya Game Awards" , which are tied twice a year the most promising indie titles that are still in development.

What makes the game so special is his wilder mix between personality test and action-rpg. Freeride wants to explicit players not explicitly when they make a decision that influences the final result.

Instead, you should be able to explore the magical world of freeride on your own foot, the ghosts you inhabit you, and fight opponents. The calculation of your character happens by the way, on the basis of your playing style.

Do you do anyone who stands in the way, flat or your conflicts out of the way? What kind of items do you wear around with you and how intensively do you explore the world? All this comes into the rating at the end.

The action-rpg should especially believe fans of games like Undertale, Night in The Woods, Dreamscaper and Walkersong. The mentioned influences can also be recognized in the first trailer for the game.

When will freeride appear?

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It should appear on Steam, but also console ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox are planned.

Unfortunately, freeride makes a little wait a bit. The targeted release period is currently scheduled for the spring 2024 . A kickstarter campaign should start in February 2023.


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